Musings in the Dark: New Fic Alert! "Otherside of the Game"


New Fic Alert! "Otherside of the Game"

Well, I'm not done with Nedra and Victor.  God bless Toby Kebbells.  My Muse loves him.

“Why are you here?  It’s midnight.”

“I want to see you.  You play hard to find and then hard to get at work.  What’s a man like me supposed to do?”

“Stay away!  You were supposed to leave it where we left it!”

“You left it there.  I didn’t.”

“Victor, does it even matter what I want?”

“You want what I want.  You don’t want to admit it; you have a need to keep that secret, but we both want the same thing.”

Nedra lowered the gun and sighed.  At the moment, she hated Franklin for sending her to recruit Victor in the first place.  “I told you why that would be a problem.”

Victor adjusted his stance, swinging the velvet bag over his shoulder.  “Your man’s in Kosovo right now, engaged in loss verification.  He left a couple of days ago.  He’ll be gone for the better part of a month.  You don’t live with him, and you’re not real big on having outside company other than your small circle of friends.”

Nedra aimed the .380 at him again and cocked it.  “How the fuck do you know that?”  But really, she wasn’t surprised.  The man was extremely resourceful.

He smiled at her.  “Aren’t you going to invite me in?”

“What’s in the bag, you demented Santa Claus?”

“You’ll find out when you let me in.”

This fic, "Otherside of the Game" is now posted on pinkelegance.  Enjoy!

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