Musings in the Dark: Fic Update Alert!


Fic Update Alert!

The last segment of my new fanfic, "Playing Pool With Planets," is now live on pinkelegance.

“Let’s talk, Nedra.  Woman to man, lover to lover.”

“We’re not lovers, Victor.  This is a job—”

“I know, I know.  Franklin sent you to get me by any means necessary and the means you chose to get me were…maybe not something he would be proud of, but it was effective as fuck, pun intended.  I’m going back to Baxter and see what this kid’s done that’s supposed to be a game changer.”

“He’s found another planet, Victor.  His transporter goes to another world.  What you were trying to do, he did.  I don’t know exactly what he did that was so different, but you need to see it.  You have to.”

“Yeah, later for all that.  I want to talk about us.  And we are lovers, whether you like it or not.  We’re compatible; it’s fire between us.  I feel it and I know you do.  This world may be a shitty place that deserves to die, but there are some things that worth keeping, and this between us is worth it.  It’s real.  Realer than anything I know.”

“Victor, it isn’t as real as you’d like to think.”

Am I done with Nedra and Victor?  Probably not, but who knows?

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