Musings in the Dark: New Fic Alert: "Lovesick"


New Fic Alert: "Lovesick"

Well, the Muse is still speaking.  You can read her latest conversation over on pinkelegance, "Lovesick."

I'm just happy to be writing again.  It's so liberating and it makes me feel better.


"Victor Von Doom was casually posted up against the passenger side of her brand new car, in a suit—an unheard-of concept, according to many—holding a large black calla lily.  It was an absolutely stunning bloom; the leaves were a deep green flecked with white and there was a thin red bow tied around the upper stem.  She wondered how much it cost.  Normally, Nedra wasn’t into flowers, but she’d never seen a black lily before, and this particular flower was a showstopper.  It rivaled the beauty of its holder.

She uttered five quiet words: “How did you find me?”"

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