Musings in the Dark: New Fic Alert!! "Playing Pool With Planets"


New Fic Alert!! "Playing Pool With Planets"

So recently I watched the updated Fantastic Four and was mostly meh about it.  My favorite character is Victor von Doom and frankly, the film didn't do him justice.  We get about 20 minutes of Victor near the middle and a smooth 15 minutes of Dr. Doom at the end.

I was like

because the new incarnation of Victor looks like

What the hell????  This motherfucker is capital-F Fine and Miles Teller, the dude who plays Reed, got 3x as much screen time and is not nearly as attractive.  Plus, Toby Kebbell's Victor was a snarky, sexy bastard, and all that does is ignite the fires.  Kate Mara's Sue wouldn't give him the time of day and I was like

Because he's FINE!! Dafuq is wrong with you??

Man, somebody need their ass whupped for not giving this luscious, luscious man more screen time.

Best believe I'm going to go back and watch all Mr. Kebbells' other films.  But I digress.  As you know, when I latch on to a hot man, I latch all the way on.  Mr. Kebbells has inspired a NC-17 fanfic (really, is there any other kind?) over on pinkelegance titled "Playing Pool With Planets." It's a good old-fashioned smutfic, something I've not written in over four years (which was a shock to Noob and me).  I'm just happy the Muse dropped by for a quick-N-dirty and lawd, it was fun writing this.  Dilettantes, I hope you enjoy.

Oh, and Sue ain't got nothin' to do with it.  Just saying.

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