Musings in the Dark: Update



To my beloved audience,

As you can see, I haven't been posting much.  This is for a couple of reasons.  I'm in the process of trying to finish up some schoolwork so that I can graduate, and more importantly:  I'M WORKING ON ANOTHER BOOK!!!!  The ideas for this one came out of...erm...nowhere, (thanks, Muse!) and I'm about halfway done with it.  It's called "Tainted," and it's a dark, erotic volume of poetry and shorties with a creepy love story at its center.  I've never written anything quite like this before, but I'm completely taken with the subject matter.  It's my hope that "Tainted" will be published by MCP later this summer. Of course I'll keep you posted.  So forgive the brief absence, but I'll be back in action soon enough.  


  1. Congrats on the new book. Please keep us posted.

  2. Sounds wonderful! I'm looking forward to it!

  3. Amaya, have you considered putting your books on the Amazon Kindle platform? If you have not, then please consider it. In fact I purchased a membership Kindle course on Monday. But it is a one time fee only. But it is membership becasue the guy that runs it, Geoff, it constantly adding content to it. He is not a Guru like these other fools out there selling stuff that they do not practice to make money. This is actually what he
    and his associates are doing right now. If you have any specific questions you would like to ask, I can give you his e-mail address. He response to them all. Sorry for the long rant.

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  5. @Shana,

    MCP has a Kindle platform for all of its books, including mine. However, I would dearly love to communicate with Geoff. Please do send me his contact info through my blog email. Thanks for the hookup!

  6. I have just sent you the message. I hope that it get through.


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