Musings in the Dark: Announcement: Web Series


Announcement: Web Series

So fellow author and blogger Denny Upkins has done an extensive review on a plethora of web series.  As many of you may know, TV sucks shit through a raggedy straw, and many audiences have turned to the internet to find their entertainment.  Also, writers and producers who can't catch a break in Hollywhite have found the 'net to be a favorable medium to display their products and build their fanbases.  Denny has provided a list (with links) and summaries of web series that he has watched (or is watching).  He also provides recommendations.  Some I plan to watch are the following:

Disappointing Gay Best Friend
Status Kill

I appreciate the effort that it takes to conceptualize and produce a show on a peppermint budget.  We have to tell our own stories because for damn sure no one else will. Or will be bold enough to tell them right.

I avoid TV as much as possible with the exceptions of The Walking Dead & American Horror Story.  ESPN is my default setting, simply because I love sports and require background noise as I go about my daily life.  I have not yet watched any of these shows, but I do plan to shoehorn a few in between working, writing, and reading extra-dull research on the state of education in America.  *sigh*  Anyway, I'll be providing my own commentary on some of these shows after I've watched them.

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