Musings in the Dark: 2011 Reflections


2011 Reflections

Me.  Courtesy of Dolce & Gabbana

I started blogging April of 2010 at the behest of Ankhesen. Before that time, I was an online recluse doing very little outside of research.  I did not have a clue as to blogging, what to do about it or with it, or even what to say.  I blogged about random shit: athletes, movies, stuff that I don’t have nearly enough feeling for to blog on.  Therefore, I didn’t blog that much.  Later in the year, I considered giving up the venture because I felt it to be a waste of time.  I mentioned this to Ankh, and her advice was simple yet powerful.  “You need to find your identity.”

She told me that my blog was my space where I could talk about anything I wanted.  But what I had to do first was figure out who I was in terms of a blogger.  I had to spend a little time thinking about that; because while I know who I am as a whole, I can only blog about certain parts of me.  Once I understood that, I could focus on blogging about subjects I like and that which I love above everything else.

So in January of this year, I gave my blog the first of two makeovers and started focusing on women, relationships, writing and storytelling.  I met other bloggers like myself and learned more about what I could do with my little forum.  I didn’t know if I’d get followers and/or fans, but I don’t blog for glory and so it was okay.  As I was inspired, I began blogging about different subjects, including television and pop culture.  Recently, my blog gave birth to two sub-blogs: one for my original fiction and one for my fanfiction.  Clearly, I’ve found my voice.

This year, I published my first novel, Corruption.  It’s also my first Blasian novel.  I am so proud of my book; it means everything to me.  At last check, it had 3 reviews on Goodreads & Amazon, and a solid 4-star rating.  You can get your own copy of Corruption from Middle Child Press.  Just click the link to the left.

Last year, I introduced the fanfic world to two original characters born out of the fanfiction that started all this mess: Sheila &K’avir.  They became so popular that fans wanted them to have their own story.  What ended up happening was that, much like Jordan and Mahogany, K’avir and Sheila have far too much life to be restricted to three short stories.  Ankh made another one of her brilliant suggestions and Blade Dancer was born.  From that, three more book concepts about K’avir’s family, The Velimirs, came to fruition with the help of my magnificent, gifted friend Noob.  I finished the first draft of Blade Dancer back in October and I outlined In the Pale Moonlight over the summer.  Work on both books will commence at the end of next month and God willing, Blade Dancer will be published around December of 2012.

This year, I came to terms with being bipolar.  While I have no choice but to live with it, learning how to do so was a bit difficult.  The meds are designed to reduce the extremity of the shifts.  What I gain in stable emotions, I lose in my ability to write at a particular level.  Since I don’t like restricting access to my muse, I take the bare minimum of medication required to maintain.  So there are times when I’m hysterical, but I can live with it (and the necessary self-imposed isolation that comes along with it) if it means I can write.  Make no mistake: I can live with this.

2011 represents the first full year that I’ve been natural.  I did the big chop last summer and have spent the last 16 months trying to get to know my hair.  I’ve tried a slew of products designed for natural hair and spent hundreds of dollars, but nothing ever truly satisfied me.  The Afro isn’t a look I prefer, but it was the look that always resulted.  Then I got into reading the labels on the “organic” products and that changed things for me.  Most of that shit in those products is just that: shit.  No wonder why my hair was a mess.  Noob directed me to a YouTube channel, Naptural85, and it changed everything.  Naptural85 makes her own products, shows styling methods and techniques, and offers wonderful advice on how to be a glamorous natural and love your hair.  Since then, I’ve been making my own moisturizer and pomade.  It's only been one month and it’s made all the difference, including saving money.  My hair looks great; thick, glossy and healthy.  I highly recommend Naptural's channel.

I have great expectations for 2012.  The first is that I’ll finally graduate with a terminal degree, and the second is that, with said degree, I can finally live abroad.  I’m ready for a change; a chance to live a different lifestyle and appreciate other cultures not like the one I’m in.  I’m wide open.  I’ve applied for overseas jobs, and I’m willing to go just about anywhere.  I have nothing keeping me in the US, and for all other stuff, there’s Skype and Facebook.  Those are the biggest things happening for me.  What I also hope to accomplish in 2012 is the publication of my next two books, the aforementioned Blade Dancer and Adrenalin, my second Blasian novel.  If I am able to achieve any combination of these expectations, I’ll be very pleased.

*raises a glass of Moscato* Here’s to 2012, my friends.  May you have a happy and blessed New Year.   See you on the flip.


  1. Connecting with you has definitely been one of the highlights of my year. I enjoyed Corruption and I can't wait to see what you do next.

  2. Same here, Denny. Same here. I am so glad to know you and similarly look forward to your next book and any other work you choose to produce. Happy New Year!


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