Musings in the Dark: The Hunt (4/?)


The Hunt (4/?)

Captain Spock agreed with Gerri’s temporal assessment and ordered that the ISS-E head towards Razmou Ohndri.  If they arrived before K’avir’s pon farr, they would merely orbit the planet until it happened.  Spock also assured Sheila that the ISS-E would remain in orbit until it was done.  He would not leave her on the planet for any extended amount of time; she would require medical attention once K’avir’s fever passed.

Sheila informed Trisha of the transport plans and Trisha’s engineers kept the coordinates locked in the computers and synched with K’avir’s communicator so that he could be beamed off the ship immediately.  The plan was for her to go to her quarters so that she could get her bag and change into her old uniform, and then get beamed down to the planet two kilometers away from wherever he would be.  She studied the topographical maps and devised what she hoped would be a reasonable course of least for the first day.  When she and K’avir had their combat sessions, she worked extra hard to build up her stamina.  He always concluded each lesson with her having to try and get out from under him.  It was frustrating because she could not figure out how to move in such a way to get her torso and hips free.  There was no way that he would trap her with her legs closed; the situation would have been easier if he did.  She wriggled, she struggled and did the best she could.  But her husband was a solid mass and an immovable object.

In the confines of their quarters, she voiced her frustration.  “I’m going to be trapped underneath you for three days.  I’m going to starve to death.”

Ashaya, you will figure it out.  You must.”

“Glad to know you have faith in me.”

“You do not want to perish, and I will not survive if you do.”

Sheila tried to stay on alert to notice any subtle changes in K’avir’s behavior.  But she was distracted by so many little details unrelated to his pon farr.  There was her duty in sickbay, her duty to Nyota and the baby, and her irritation at not being able to figure out how to get out from under K’avir.  She studied diagrams and models of Vulcan physiques, but it was the mere fact that Vulcans were stronger than humans that stonewalled her.  But K’avir believed in her, and the situation was unavoidable.  Every second of free time she was able to get, she agonized over the problem.

One night, Sheila realized that K’avir was watching her intently while she took a sonic shower.  He was not in the bathroom with her; he was studying her through a mirror.  When she was ready to get out, he was there with a towel and he was serious about drying her off.  He did it whenever he could, but their schedules were so erratic that it had been some time since he was last able to watch her bathe or dry her off.  But tonight was different.  He picked Sheila up and carried her to their bed.  She was still damp and curious as to what he was doing.  That it might have been a signal of something deeper did not register.  He was not doing anything he’d never done before.

          He started sniffing her.  Sheila watched in growing horniness as her husband fondled and smelled her.  He moved over her at will, sniffing her breasts and navel and neck, between her legs and cheeks, her back...everywhere.  She was amused and aroused.  She knew he liked her scent; whenever she was near him, his nostrils flared ever so slightly.


“I am taken...with your scent,” he said.  “It arouses me.”

“Have you always been taken in this manner?  You’ve never been this brazen.  I mean, my scent hasn’t changed.  As far as I know, anyway.”

“It is different now; stronger,” he said. “It is powerful.  I like it.”

Sheila lay back and he spread her thighs wide.  K’avir buried his face between her thighs and instead of eating her, he smelled her.  Curious, she asked him what she smelled like.

          “I cannot describe it; there is no flower or nectar or anything that comes close to it.  It is you, ashaya.  There can be no other who smells as you do.”

          Sheila stared at the top of his head, feeling her stomach do flip-flops simply because K’avir had his nose between her thighs.  What he was doing was primal, but horribly sexy.  It occurred to her that it might be an indicator that he was nearing his time.  She did not say anything, but reminded herself to be watchful of other indicators.  They made love, and in regards to that, Sheila did not notice any changes; it was as intense and as passionate as always, and K’avir was as devoted to her pleasure as always.

The next day, she was running physicals on members of the crew.  It was commonplace for the captain to debrief his senior staff in the mornings, and they did it over breakfast in the officer’s dining room.  Sheila sat next to K’avir, who always sat on Spock’s right.  After breakfast, he walked her to Medical Bay and she did not see him again until the end of her shift.  When it was possible, he met her for lunch, but it did not happen often.  So it was a surprise for her to turn and see him in the doorway of sickbay.  Sheila looked at him.


He looked at her.  Sheila cocked her head.

“K’avir, are you all right?”

A moment passed, and then he said, “I am fine.”

Sheila looked at Shawn, her assistant.  “How many more patients are waiting that I need to see?”

“Two, but they’re currently in prep.  Vanessa and Rhona are running tests.  But I can see them.  You haven’t taken a break all morning; go on.”

Sheila smiled.  “All right.  Thanks.”  Then she looked at K’avir, whose eyes never left her; not once.

“Come into my office.”  She turned and he followed.  Once in, she asked him to close the door.  She put her PADD on her desk and turned to face K’avir, who was right up on her.


He put his arms around her and drew her close.  Sheila smiled; this was something new.  He buried his face between her neck and shoulder and she heard him sniffing and felt his lips press against her skin.

“Honey...not that I mind, but what brought this on?”

He didn’t speak.  Sheila sighed and held on to K’avir, appreciating the wonder of him.  His hands wandered over her ass and she groaned.  He was aroused and actually pushed her up against the desk.  Sheila moved and put her hands on his cheeks and turned his face to hers.

“K’avir, did you actually come by sickbay to get some nooky?”

He was learning her weird little synonyms for sexual intimacy.  “You are my wife,” was his response.

“I know,” she said.  “But I never see you until the evenings.  Aren’t you supposed to be in Security or with the captain?”

“I am with you at the moment.”  He grabbed her waist and sat her on the desk.

“Don’t get me wrong,” Sheila said.  “I don’t mind a little afternoon delight, but...”

This morning, she opted to wear her blue one-piece, as she had not worn it for some time.  Sheila soon realized that it might not have been the best decision, as K’avir shoved her skirt up around her waist and gently pushed her down on her back.  Sheila tried to sit up, wobbling on her elbows and trying to get her mind around the fact that her husband was actually getting ready to fuck her.  In her office, during the middle of the unheard-of concept.

“K’avir, I can’t do this now...I’ve got patients...please honey.  You can get as much as you want to lat--”

He knelt and shoved his face between her legs.  Sheila squirmed, as he had not bothered to remove her panties or shove the crotch to one side.  She gripped his shoulder, trying to get his attention.

“K’avir...I’ve got two patients...oh shit...!”  In seconds, her legs were over his shoulders and she bit her lip to hold in her sounds.  He had never behaved like this before, and moments later he stood, unzipped his trousers and entered her after finally yanking her panties to one side.  It was quick, dirty, and she had to admit, immensely satisfying.  When it was over, he cleaned her up and straightened her uniform and stole a kiss before leaving her in her office.  Sheila got herself together and realized that what had just taken place was a definite indicator that K’avir’s pon farr was soon.  A random afternoon fuck?  Her husband was duty-bound; for him to leave his post to have her spoke volumes.

K’avir normally escorted her back to their quarters when her shift was over.  But she left a half-hour earlier after grabbing some packages from the stockroom.  Once in her quarters, she removed her panties, rolled them up and slipped them into one of the thick plastic bags she got from sickbay.  She used an air pump to vacuum-seal the bag.  Quickly, she stuffed the pack into her bag.  Sheila went into her bathroom and used a damp cloth to wipe down the insides of her legs and put on a fresh pair of panties.  She’d keep as many soiled pairs as she could to use while down on the planet.  Then she contacted Captain Spock to let him know that they had to get to Razmou Ohndri as soon as possible.  He acknowledged.

Sheila wondered if they would have dinner in the dining room, or if K’avir wanted to do something else.  She sat in the chair and waited for him to come in.  When he did, there was a look on his face that she’d never seen before.  Sheila stood up as he walked over to her.

“K’avir, I’m starved.  Let’s go eat.”

“Why were you not in Medical Bay?”

“I had to run to our quarters for a moment, and then I thought I’d just wait here for you.  I’m tired; your unexpected visit drained some energy.  I’m starved.  Let’s go eat.”

She decided not to give him a chance to respond.  Sheila grabbed his hand and led him out of their suite.  K’avir followed and Sheila found herself babbling.

“Was there any reason that made you suddenly decide to come by and get a little piece this afternoon?”

“I want you,” was his response.

“You abandoned your post, K’avir.  You never do that.  Please tell me you were in Security and not with the captain.”

“I was in Security, and all is well.”

“I don’t want you getting in trouble with Captain Spock.  You’d better not shirk your duty for a piece of ass, K’avir.  Especially when you know it’s available to you at any other time.”

He didn’t respond and they entered the mess.  It was dinnertime, and it was crowded.  Sheila led her husband over to the doors that led to the officer’s dining room.  Trisha came over to her, followed by a handsome Native American male.

“Sheila.  I wanted to introduce you to Arvi Charman.  He’s on assignment from Starbase 255.3.  I don’t think you’ve met him, but he may be spending a day or two in Medical Bay, doing observations.”

Sheila extended her hand to Arvi.  “I’m Sheila Stephens, and this is my husband K’avir.  What will you be observing?”

Arvi smiled at her.  “Husband?  A pity.”

Arvi reached to take Sheila’s hand and to her utter surprise, K’avir stepped up to him and growled.  Arvi glanced up at him.  K’avir bucked in his direction and growled again.

“What’s your problem?”  Arvi asked.

Trisha looked at Arvi and gave one hard shake of her head.  Sheila didn’t even look at K’avir.  “Trisha, get him the hell out of here right now,” she said through her teeth.  

“Come on, youngun,” Trisha said, grabbing Arvi’s arm and ignoring the startled look on his face.

Quickly, Sheila punched in her access code and the dining room doors swished open.  She grabbed K’avir’s hand again and led him inside.  The doors closed.  To her relief, the dining room was empty.  She let him go and glared at him.

“K’avir, what is wrong with you today?”

He did not say anything.

“K’avir, you cannot antagonize men in the crew!  I’m the CMO...I’m going to have to deal with them.  You can’t be growling at them just because they introduce themselves!  I won’t put up with it.”

K’avir stared at her calmly, as if her words meant nothing.

“Do you hear me?  K’avir, are you listening?  You better be, so help me!”

He made his way over to the serving buffet.  “Would you care for Vulcan cuisine or human?  They are also serving Klingon and Romulan entrees this evening; though I do not care for gagh.  You may like the oozl twists, for they are tart and I know you do not care for very sweet foods.”

Sheila was aghast.  “K’avir, did you just ignore me?”

“You must nourish yourself, ashaya.  It is time for our evening meal.”

“To hell with eating,” she said.  “You just ignored me.”

“I heard what you said, Sheila.  I would never ignore you.  You do not wish for me to antagonize male crew members.”

“It will make my job harder if you do, and I need that not to happen, all right?”

“As you wish, k’diwa.  They have falafel and vegetable lasagna and those rolls you like.  What would you care for?”

Sheila sat down, suddenly tired.  “Whatever, K’avir.  I’m hungry and I’m exhausted.”

A few minutes later, K’avir set a plate down in front of her and sat across from her just as Trisha, Marlena, some department heads and the captain entered the dining hall.  Sheila started eating quietly, oblivious to the fact that her husband watched her intently as he took his meal.  Spock came over and sat next to Sheila.  K’avir turned his gaze towards the captain.  He growled softly and his eyes narrowed.  A moment passed, and he acknowledged.  “Sir.”


“Sir,” Sheila said, disturbed that K’avir had actually growled at the captain.

Spock studied K’avir as he addressed Sheila.  “How are you faring, Dr. Stephens?”

“Just fine, sir.”

“We shall arrive at our destination within the next 48 hours.  Will that be sufficient?”

Sheila shook her head.  “I don’t know, sir.”

“Be vigilant.  I can increase our speed if necessary.”

Sheila looked at her husband, who stared back at her.  “I think it may be necessary, sir.”

Spock looked at his security chief.  K’avir hadn’t taken his eyes off Sheila.  “I think you are correct, Dr. Stephens.”

The next morning, the senior staff were having their usual briefing with the captain in the dining room.  Spock announced that they were in orbit around Razmou Ohndri, and that they would be conducting yellow- and red-alert drills for the next few days.  Sheila noticed that he would glance at K’avir every minute or so, but K’avir didn’t realize it because he was staring at her.  Last night after dinner, they returned to their quarters without a word and she immediately began to disrobe to take a quick shower.  She closed the bathroom door in hopes that he would leave her alone.  But she wasn’t sure; she knew that his pon farr was near.  They had not yet arrived at Razmou Ohndri and she could not get him off the ship.  

She stowed her bra and panties into another vacuum pack and slipped it into her bag.  While she showered, she started thinking about her plan of action.  During lulls in Medical Bay, she studied Gerri’s data and knew she would carry her PADD with her just in case it was necessary.  She also knew she would have to make a trip to the armory to get another knife in addition to the one that was a part of her uniform.  As soon as she got out of the shower, she was going to send a message to Trisha so that she could be on alert.  

When she got out of the shower, he was waiting for her; naked, erect, and actually leaking while staring at her with that same calm eerie gaze.

“What if I say that I don’t feel like it?”

“Do not keep yourself from me, Sheila.  I do not like it.”

“But would you leave me be if I asked you to?”

“I would not like it.”

“But would you do it?”

He stood quietly for a moment.  “If you wish.”

Sheila smiled at him.  “I don’t wish it.  I was just asking.”  Perhaps if she gave him some, it would take the edge off.  She hoped, anyway.

Nyx mentioned during their conversation that a possible indicator of K’avir’s pon farr being imminent was if their intimate encounters became more intense.  “Harder” was the word she used.  Considering that he’d actually made a visit to sickbay just to fuck her, she felt that the ensuing encounter was just that.  He smelled her again and gently bit the insides of her thighs and her buttocks.  He sucked harder, thrust harder, pulled harder, and she felt as if it took longer for him to be sated.  But even with that, it was obvious that her pleasure was paramount.  He slept with his arm around her.  It took longer for Sheila to fall asleep, even though she was tired.

Sheila started increasing her caloric consumption not long after her conversation with Nyx, and she counteracted possible weight gain with her intense workouts.  She knew that it was necessary, and so enjoyed her lavish breakfast and ate all she could.  Marlena and Trisha joked about it, as did Nyota whenever she saw her.  She finished her first glass of tenaberry juice while still standing in front of the drink dispensers.  Tenaberry juice was loaded with nutrients and antioxidants and Sheila grinned when Marlena walked over to her, holding half of a pomegranate.

“Sheila, guess what!  The chefs finally got their hands on some pomegranates.  I’ve been begging for these ever since we left Dantouine II.  Apparently, they got them from Starbase 238.2, but waited for them to ripen before serving.  You’ve never had a pomegranate before, so you must try one.”  She handed her the dark red-seeded fruit.

          Sheila smiled and took the fruit.  She cracked the half into two smaller portions and looked at it.

          “It’s going to stain your fingers and tongue red, just so you know.  Bite into a seed cluster.  You’ll need to spit the seedlings out, but it’s going to explode in your mouth like an Andorian jujubee.”

          Sheila bit into the fruit and closed her eyes as it did exactly what Marlena said it would do.  “Omigod,” she moaned.  “This is fantastic.  Tell me they have more.”

          “Plenty, but they go fast.”

          Sheila wiped her mouth as juice dribbled down her chin.  “Marlena, this is excellent.  So juicy.”

          “You’ve got juice all over your lips, girl.”  Marlena said.  “I told you it stains.  But nothing a little water won’t fix.  Wiping it with your fingers only spreads it around.”

          Sheila took another bite, enjoying the fruit, oblivious to the fact that her husband’s breathing became labored and that his mind was now as red as the fruit she was eating.  The only thing in his mind was the brilliant white light of her scent.  He stared at her and his hands curled into fists.  Sheila sucked pomegranate juice from her fingers and licked her now-red lips.

          “Marlena, this is messy but absolutely wonderful.”

          Marlena agreed.  “Told you.”

          K’avir stood up.  Spock tapped his communicator.  “Commander Baker, lock onto the security chief’s communicator and prepare to beam him to the coordinates I gave you.”

          Sheila turned just in time to see K’avir stalking towards her, growling.  Marlena gasped as he violently kicked a chair out of his way.  Sheila dropped the fruit and headed for the door, glancing over her shoulder.  K’avir gave chase just as Spock gave Trisha the command and K’avir disappeared in a swirling beam of light.

          Captain Spock looked at Sheila, who was suddenly terrified.  “Go, Dr. Stephens.  Get your things and go right now.  Be careful.”

          Sheila ran out of the dining room and to her quarters.  Once there, she quickly put on her red sarong, a pair of utility boots, tied her hair in a red scarf and grabbed her survival kit and knife.  She tapped her communicator.

          “Trisha, it’s Sheila.  Beam me down to Razmou Ohndri, stat!”

          It was time for the hunt.

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  1. OMG! I'm really nervous for Shelia. I know she has been training for this but Kavir is really formidable when he is his normal self. Now, he is almost scary! Great chapter! Can't wait for more!


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