Musings in the Dark: The Hunt (2/?)


The Hunt (2/?)

When she returned to work, Captain Spock sent word to her to visit his quarters to check on Nyota.  She was having a bad morning and he was loathe to leave her side.  Nyota lay on the bed with a compress over her eyes, moaning softly.  Sheila checked her vitals and those of the baby.

      “It’s just morning sickness, sir,” Sheila said.  “The baby’s not agreeing with her today.  She just needs to rest.  I’ll check on her regularly, but she’s going to be fine.”

“All right then, Dr. Stephens.”  Spock escorted her out of their bedroom.  Before leaving, she turned.

      “Captain, may I have a word?”


      “K’avir and I spoke of his impending time.  He is fearful he will hurt me.”

      Spock took a deep breath and closed his eyes.  Sheila knew he was uncomfortable with the subject, but there was no one else she could talk to about it.

      “He could, Doctor.  It is best that you understand that pon farr is a violent practice, but it manifests itself differently in all Vulcans.  I am not comfortable with this line of conversation, as you well know.”

      “Captain, he says it’s soon but he doesn’t know when.  I need to be prepared.  I don’t know what to do.”

      Spock waved his hand towards the settee.  “Sit, Doctor.”

      Sheila sat down.  “Sir, I know this makes you nervous, but please tell me what I need to know.”

      “K’avir is from a family that holds to very traditional ways, a lot of them Pre-Reform, a time when we were quite...illogical.  It is a strong possibility that the hormonal buildup in his blood during his pon farr will turn him into a predator.  It means that he will need to hunt.”

      “He mentioned that, but I don’t see how it is possible on board this ship.”

      Spock rubbed his beard.  “I had not considered that, Dr. Stephens.  If he does have to hunt, then you cannot be on board this ship.  There is nowhere that you can hide from him, for he will likely track you by your scent.  I must find a way to get you off the ISS-E.”

      Sheila looked at him.  “Sir?”

      “If he thinks that anyone on this ship is inhibiting him from getting to you, he will kill them.  Simply put.  There will be no warnings this time.”

      Sheila unconsciously held her throat, thinking about how K’avir had almost killed Lt. Julian Matthews because he considered him a rival for Sheila’s affections.  “I can’t have that, sir.”

      “It is fortunate that you brought this to my attention, Dr. Stephens.  It is a problem that must be solved as soon as possible.  If his time is near, then it could easily be tomorrow.  You may not notice the indicators; they may be subtle.  But I might.  I will speak with you more on this matter.  For now, I suggest that you start readying for it.  You must prepare nutrient hypos and put together a medkit.  You may even want to prepare some very strong tranquilizers, because you may have to inject him with them.”


      “If I suspect correctly, he will not allow you to sleep.  If you do not account for this, he may very well kill you in his...passion.  You will need to rest and nourish yourself, Doctor, but he will not allow it if he has no restraint of any kind.  You’ll have to find a way to keep away from him so that you can sleep.  Tranquilizers will help.”

      “Jeez,” Sheila murmured, mostly to herself.

      “Doctor, you have met Lt. Hinora Nyx, correct?  Our new head of Social Sciences?”

      “Yes sir.  She’s a Trill.”

      “Her fourth host was an ambassador to Vulcan and spent many years there as a resident and diplomat.  She knows some of K’avir’s ancestors.  I think it is wise for you to speak with her, for she can give you a unique perspective.  And you may want to speak with Dr. Gerri Thibodeaux, our resident exobiologist.  We are nowhere near any planetary systems, but it is imperative now that we find a suitable place.  We cannot delay, Doctor.  I am fond of K’avir, but I cannot have him running loose on board this ship during his pon farr.  Unspeakable things may happen.”

      Sheila nodded, wondering why she wasn’t as afraid as she thought she needed to be.  “Yes sir.”

      Sheila found Lt. Nyx after her shift was over.  K’avir was with the captain, and she wanted to get back to their quarters before he did.  Lt. Nyx was the new head of Social Sciences, one of the recent hires from Starbase 238.2.  She was trained in psychology, history and anthropology, and as a joined Trill, had nine lifetimes’ worth of experience, and as such, was a marvelous resource.  Nyx was five feet tall, with large brown eyes and sported dark red twists in her hair.  She always walked with her hands clasped behind her back and spoke in a mellifluous, calm tone.  There was a touch of mystery about her; she didn’t associate with very many people on board the ISS-E, but had become acquaintances with Marlena, Trisha and herself.  Sheila invited Nyx back to her quarters and they enjoyed a cup of tea and some light conversation before jumping into the heavy stuff.

      “How did you enjoy your honeymoon, Sheila?”

      “It was good.  We needed that quiet time.”

      Nyx nodded.  “Quiet time is important in an intimate relationship with a Vulcan.”

      Sheila nodded in response.  It was something she’d come to understand when her connection to K’avir became serious.  A lot of the time, he wanted to sit with her in their chair after their workouts and would listen to her inane chatter until she realized she didn’t need to speak.  He was a tactile telepath and she was so very easy to read.  Soon she stopped chattering and sat with him in silence and allowed her thoughts to flow.

      “I’m learning that,” she said.  “Nyx, I have something I need to know, and Captain Spock referred me to you because of your experience with Vulcans.”

      “My fourth host, N’kara Nyx, was a Vulcan ambassador and was also involved in a relationship with a Vulcan male.  We--they married--in a traditional ceremony.  N’kara spent many years on Vulcan before having to return to Trill.”

      “So you have some idea of what I need to ask.”

      “Is K’avir’s pon farr coming up?”

      Sheila nodded.  Nyx continued.  “N’kara was a close acquaintance of his ancestors.  His family is a clan of throwbacks.  They are defenders, guardians, warriors, fighters, in spite of Vulcan heritage and pacifist culture.  It is who they are.  Vulcans do not believe in killing animals, so they have evolved by hunting each other and members of other families who also hold to the old ways.  It is for sport; they do not kill each other, but they do take pride in grave injuries.”

      “Really?”  K’avir never mentioned that.  As the ISS-E’s security chief and Captain Spock’s personal guard, K’avir was well-versed in combat.  But serving the Empire had definitely altered his pacifist origins, as it also had the captain.  Violence was necessary for survival, and under the old regime, a significant part of each and every day.

      “It is who they are, which is one of the reasons K’avir was requested to be the captain’s guard.  But as it relates to your question, my understanding is that when males of his family go through pon farr, they instinctively revert back to their predatory ways.  They stalk, they hunt, and they may kill.  Their chosen mates become their prey.  It is an understood practice, for the mates are selected from certain families within that particular circle.  The women are prepared for it and can handle it.”

      Sheila closed her eyes.  “He told me that he would have to hunt me.”

      “He will.  This means that you’ll have to get off the ship.”

      “I thought so,” Sheila said.  “The captain confirmed it at any rate.”

      “Consider this: We know what happened with Lt. Matthews.  Imagine what might happen when K’avir is not able to control his actions or thoughts.  What if a co-worker, especially a male, decides to stop by and speak to you when K'avir is in the strongest part of his fever?” Nyx looked at Sheila knowingly. "He would get torn apart."

      “I don’t want anyone else to get hurt,” Sheila said.  “I don’t want K’avir killing anyone on my behalf.”  Not until a threat from the Empire warranted it.

      “Captain Spock will do what he must; of this I have no doubt.  And I don’t doubt you, Sheila.  You will be able to handle it; though I daresay that there is a part of you that looks forward to the experience.”

      Sheila felt her face warm.  “I admit; I do find it a little kinky.”

      Nyx closed her eyes, as if cherishing a memory.  “As did I.”

      Sheila laughed.  “So you really know; you’re not just spouting second-hand knowledge.”


      “What else can you tell me?”

      “When it was time, the females would go to the Nameer forest and hide anywhere they could.  They always made sure to bathe and strip themselves of their scent; though it made little difference because their mates knew their primal fragrance.  In order to move quickly and efficiently, they wore next to nothing.  Maybe a sarong and halter, and wraps for the feet, but too much clothing made things very difficult.”


      “You also must know that the sex will be very rough, and that the moment of climax is so powerful that it will render K’avir unconscious.  If you are underneath him, you may get stuck.  The moment he climaxes, you’ve got to get out from under him and find another place to hide.  Get as far away as you can so that you can eat and sleep.  Trees are good places to hide, so a rope will be useful to you.  Caves work as well.”

      “Captain Spock says that I will have to tranquilize him.”

      “It’s not a bad idea.  It’ll allow you to get a few hours’ sleep.  Make the tranqs as strong as you can.  You won’t hurt him.  The sheer amount of adrenalin in his blood requires some overkill.  Speaking of adrenalin, you’ll want some for yourself.”

      “How will I know when it begins?”

      “I’m not sure.  It’s different for every male.  He may just grab you one day.  That’s what N’kara’s husband did.  Or there may be subtle changes; maybe your intimate encounters become more intense, more passionate...harder, in a manner of speaking.  I can’t say.  What you must do immediately is speak with Gerri; she can tell you where the nearest planet is that will suit your needs.  Pack a utility bag with nutrient shots, a medkit, a sleep pack, and anything else you’ll need for survival.  Make sure it’s a bag that you can carry on your back or over one shoulder; nothing too heavy.  I’d also advise you to bring a couple of extra uniforms and douse them with your standard fragrance.  It can probably distract him for a short while, if you plan it right.  It might even be more effective if you bring lingerie or stuff that you wear for him in private.  Those I suggest you don’t wash.”

      Sheila thought about K’avir’s T-shirts and her bras and panties and didn’t hear Nyx’s last statement.  “What?  Did you just tell me not to wash my panties?”

“It’s better if you don’t.”

Sheila bit her lip.  “Is there anything else I should know?”

“Yes.  Get plenty of rest and improve your combat skills.  You may be fighting for your life.”


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