Musings in the Dark: Horror 201: Content Creators--Mortis Media


Horror 201: Content Creators--Mortis Media

One time, I found a Boris Karloff story anthology online one night called Tales of the Frightened. I listened to it every single night as it helped me fall asleep. One night, after about two months of the same old same old, my YT algorithm spit out something called "10 Scary Tales in the Snow," or something to that effect. I clicked on and discovered Mortis Media. Mortis Media has hundreds of scary stories (short and long) that range from A to Z in terms of themes and I was in heaven. The narrator—Mortis I assume his name is—has a very soothing voice and never fails to put me to sleep. Definitely look into Mortis Media out if you’re into scary stories to help you sleep or anything else.

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