Musings in the Dark: Horror 201: Content Creators--The Horror Geek


Horror 201: Content Creators--The Horror Geek

Around the same time I found Dr. Wolfula, I also found The Horror Geek. Mike Bracken, aka The Horror Geek, focuses on gory horror movies he calls "Sick Flicks" and awards Barf Bag ratings (from 0 - 5) based on how gory the movie in question is. What I like about THG is that he reviews lesser-known cheesebucket horror movies that only real lovers of the genre would know about, and his movie reviews are filled with puns and are subtly hilarious. “Do you kids even remember (insert reference here)? Christ, I’m OLD!” hits different when you’re my age and you know exactly what he’s talking about. And I don’t think I’m old at all, but I digress.

Because THG has a vast knowledge of old school horror cheddar, I’ve found myself looking for movies that I haven’t seen yet. Sometimes I am lucky enough to find them online, but it doesn’t happen often. Regardless, THG’s reviews are satisfactory and enjoyable. Check him out.

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