Musings in the Dark: Horror 201: Content Creators-Dead Meat


Horror 201: Content Creators-Dead Meat

Dead Meat is a YouTube channel solely dedicated to horror.  The channel, the brainchild of James A. Janisse, features podcasts with James and his wife Chelsea, but the bread and butter of Dead Meat is the Kill Count. The Kill Count is a series where James reviews horror movies–past and present–and counts the number of kills within said movie. This is how I got hip to Dead Meat, sometime in 2018. I looooove the Kill Count.

James is a true student and lover of horror; you can tell in his enthusiastic reviews.  He does not focus on any particular subgenre; he’s all-inclusive and honest. I have spent hours and hours watching Kill Counts as they are thoroughly enjoyable. Recently, James began doing horror podcasts with his wife and they’re usually good and informative.

If you’re a lover of horror movies and want a different take on a review, check out Dead Meat.

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