Musings in the Dark: Horror 201: Content Creators--Decker Shado


Horror 201: Content Creators--Decker Shado

Randomly found Decker’s channel six or seven years ago. Like Off The Shelf Reviews, Decker reviews movies of all genres, but it is his horror reviews that keep me tuning in. He reviews good horror flicks as well as trash horror flicks. Decker calls himself “The Internet Personality With the Best Hair,” and it’s applicable because he has long, curly locks. He’s funny as hell; I’ve found myself cracking up many times watching his channel.

Decker frames his horror series reviews under the title “The Summer Of (insert horror franchise here),” and spends late spring and summer binging and discussing all of the movies in a given franchise. Decker is very entertaining and worth checking out. His “Summer of Halloween” & “Summer of Freddy vs Jason” reviews are laugh out loud hilarious.

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