Musings in the Dark: Horror 103: Iconography--Michonne Hawthorne


Horror 103: Iconography--Michonne Hawthorne

Danai Gurira plays the badass B-with-a-Blade Michonne Hawthorne in television's The Walking Dead. I used to be a die-hard fan of TWD, but lost interest sometime around season seven. Michonne makes her official appearance in S3, wielding a katana and leading two pet walkers whom we learn are her ex-boyfriend and his best friend. Michonne befriends Andrea and they end up in Woodbury.  

However, Michonne's Spidey senses lead her to leave Woodbury because she doesn't trust The Governor (and rightfully so), and eventually finds her way to Rick Grimes and his group of survivors.  Michonne and Rick initially do not trust each other, but as time passes, she becomes Rick's right-hand woman and eventually his lover, while also becoming a stepmom to Rick's kids.

Michonne's weapon of choice is a katana and she's a surgeon with it. Her body count is 23 (Source). Major props to Danai for bringing this boss chick to life.


  1. Never watched The Walking Dead. Slow zombies are not for me. But I have seen some clips of Michonne doing her thing.

    1. I loved TWD's first few seasons. But after awhile, I started getting bored. Michonne and Rick were my only reasons for watching after S5.

    2. I remember seeing a clip of them kissing. LOL!!!


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