Musings in the Dark: Horror 103: Iconography--Alexa Woods


Horror 103: Iconography--Alexa Woods

Sanaa Lathan is Alexa “Lex” Woods, a badass ice climber and environmentalist.  She is recruited by Charles Bishop Weyland to lead his crew to Bouvet Island and investigate something one of his satellites found under the Antarctic ice. Lex is reluctant to lead the crew because they haven’t had the requisite training to survive on the ice.  However, she ends up doing it. Shit goes left, as it tends to when people don’t listen or follow instructions, and the crew is taken out by either an Alien or a Predator.  

Lex is the lone survivor, the Final Girl, and she allies with Scar, the last of the Predator teenagers who came to Bouvet Island for an alien hunt.  Scar watches as Lex kills an Alien using his combi stick and makes her a shield and combi stick using the alien’s head and tail, respectively. They end up blowing up the pyramid, as it has become infested with Aliens. Scar uses alien acid to mark Lex’s cheek to show that she is a warrior and has killed an Alien.

Lex and Scar make it to the surface to do battle with the Alien Queen, who is highly and righteously pissed at the death of her children.  Together they work and take the Queen out.  Scar dies from wounds at the hands of the Queen and Lex is left to watch the Predator ship uncloak and a team of Predators come and retrieve Scar’s body. Lex receives the Elder Predator’s badass combi stick when he sees the scar on her cheek and makes her way to one of the ice tractors to go back to Weyland’s ship.

Sanaa Lathan is my #womancrush and she did her thing in AVP.  A lot of people don’t like this movie, but I love it so much.  Lex wasn’t with the shits; she deadass told Scar he wasn’t about to leave her behind, and she could handle herself.  I don’t see nearly enough sistahs in roles like this and I’ve already made my feelings clear on that in a previous post. 


  1. This is by far my favorite movie in this entire franchise. And you know it is becuase of Sanaa Lathan's performance. I can't believe how much people shit all over this movie. They just don't know a good thing when they watch it.

    1. Girl you know why. Good thing I don’t let others influence me on whether I should like something or not. Sanaa did her thing and she DID NOT DIE.

  2. Yes I know why people hated on the movie. I'm not dumb. But still, I find it ridiculous. She was a total badass in this movie. And when she told that predator he wasn't leaving her ass behind, #BossChickMove.


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