Musings in the Dark: Horror 103: Iconography--Queen Akasha


Horror 103: Iconography--Queen Akasha

I will end this year’s Halloween celebration by featuring the One True Queen…Akasha. The gorgeous Aaliyah Haughton (may she rest in power) plays the titular Queen of the Damned. Akasha is the oldest of all the vampires. She is brought back to life by Lestat and has a hunger that cannot be sated.

Akasha is not the one for sugar and spice and everything nice. She sees humans as nothing more than sustenance. In the scene that takes place after she is first intimate with Lestat, there are hundreds of dead bodies everywhere, and she wants more...including Lestat as her king.

Sidebar: If I may...Sis, wtf you want his pasty ass for?  You can do a LOT BETTER than him. *cue massive eyeroll*


I’m not a fan of this movie. Stuart Townsend’s take as rock star Lestat missed me entirely. But I am a fan of the Queen. It’s bad enough that Akasha’s only in the movie for maybe 30 minutes (and that's being generous), but what’s worse is how she dies. I did not like how she met her end at the hands of her pale progeny. I felt that a character as badass as Queen Akasha should have been able to survive anything, even exsanguination.

I present my case:

Anyway, this concludes my Halloween celebration for 2021.  Join me in March for the second annual celebration of my favorite science fiction works. HAPPY HALLOWEEN, Dark Dilettantes!!!


  1. I am so ashamed to say that I totally forgot about this iconic role played by Princess Aaliyah. And I was actually thinking of other women who deserve to be on this list. But sadly I've only been able to think of non-Black ones.

    It's sad that Princess Aaliyah is no longer with us. And as far as the ending for this movie goes, it sucks. I get that she died during filming but that's not how it should have ended in my book at least. Never actually read the book this movie is based on.

    But it makes no sense for Lestat to choose that plain, boring, white, vanilla chick over Queen Akasha . Unless they were going to find a way to make him human again and they both can go and die from old age. Otherwise, it's just plain bullshit I tell you.

    She choose the wrong king, sis. He did not deserve her. And why the hell didn't she have more screen time in this movie? She is the real reason I watched it afterall.

    Girl, look you are making me all riled up about this movie.

  2. Forgot to say, Happy Halloween sis.

    1. I didn’t read the book either. I’m not an Anne Rice fan at all. I watched this movie just for Aaliyah and my goodness, imagine what she could have done as an actress had she lived.


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