Musings in the Dark: Horror 103: Iconography--Jeryline


Horror 103: Iconography--Jeryline

Jeryline, played by Jada Pinkett Smith before her marriage to Big Willie, is one of the protagonists in Tales From the Crypt’s Demon Knight.  She’s on work release and works for the local shitbag motel when the movie begins. At first, it seemed that Jeryline’s role would be stereotypical, but thankfully it does not devolve.

She’s identified by the male protagonist Brayker as someone worthy. Crazy shit starts happening and Jeryline works with Brayker to protect everyone from the monsters and The Collector--more on his fine ass in a moment--and proves her worth.

Jeryline is a badass and the Final Girl, having learned from Brayker that she will be the one to protect the Key after his death. She is hesitant to accept this for obvious reasons, but Brayker assures her that she has all of the necessary traits to be the Keeper of the Key and she will be fine.

Jeryline demonstrates this by going head-up with The Collector--played by His Hotness Billy Zane--and comes out victorious by spitting the Key’s sacred blood in his face. The movie ends with Jeryline on the road, the Key in her possession, and a new Collector hot on her heels.

And then there's this part...

You guys already know which way my heart swings, so it should be NO surprise that I wished she'd considered his request. Like sis, hear him out at least...

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  1. Been a fan since 1989, sis. He's such a great villain.


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