Musings in the Dark: What F*ckery Is This?


What F*ckery Is This?

Over At the Bar, there’s a post by Renee of Womanist Musings describing some new weight-loss gadget that I know is going to cause a shitstorm of problems for many.  Apparently, you can pump your own stomach now.  I can’t go into much detail about this utter bit of fuckery; just click on the link and read this madness for yourself.

Under what circumstances is this okay?  I mean, who signed off on this?  Renee points out that engaging in this activity is no different from bulimia, except you’re not ruining your teeth by repeated vomiting.  Other than that, they’re exactly the same, and we know what kinds of problems bulimia represents and leads to.  This is so damned insane that I’m having a hard time composing my thoughts.  Women are made to feel bad about their appearance and January is a primo month for the billion-dollar weight loss industry.  So there will be plenty of women who will see the commercial for this homemade gastric bypass and feel they must get it in order to conform to someone else’s warped standard of beauty.  They’re going to die as a result because I don’t see how they can survive continuously doing this.  How many deaths and how many lawsuits will it take before this horrible device is taken off the market?

Ankh uses the article as a jump-off point for stressing that we should be focusing on being healthy instead of being thin and she’s absolutely right.  Who decided that healthy = thin?  We know the answer, but I won’t digress.  The important thing is that no matter what size you are, as long as you’re healthy and active, that’s all that matters.  I decided back in 2009 that the only New Year’s Resolution I would make was twofold:  don’t lie to God and stop lying to myself. 

From then on, I refused to feel guilty about whatever I wanted to do.  I love food and I’m a confirmed junk food junkie.  While I eat whatever the hell I want, I’m smart about it.  I’m fairly active and I get regular physicals and checkups.  My BP, cholesterol, and blood sugar are within acceptable limits.  I’m not 300 pounds, but I’m not 125 pounds either.  I’m my own standard of beauty and I’m happy with who I am.  The only real issues I struggle with are insomnia and mood, and as long as I’ve got my Ambien and Lamictal, I’m all right.

I’m still keeping up with those two resolutions and I’m far happier with my life now than I used to be.  If you’re constantly worrying about your weight, make whatever decisions you have to make to not worry about it.  Just don’t do anything dangerous or stupid like pumping your own stomach.  Be healthy.  If there is anyone in your life who can’t accept you as you are, get rid of them motherfuckers quick, fast and in a hurry because they’re toxic.  Life is way too short to please other people. 

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  1. I'm bipolar. My mood swings tend to be epic. I'm swinging now; hopefully for the better.

    That marketing team and inventor can have fun in hell.

    Absolutely. People--women--are going to die from this. It pisses me off.


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