Musings in the Dark: The Lingerie Experiment


The Lingerie Experiment

A couple of weeks ago, I got a notice from Jamie over at Black Girl Nerds.  She received an email from a web promoter looking for someone to review lingerie for their website.  Immediately I put a bid in because I love lingerie, and I’ve wanted to continue my Sexy Things series.  So I contacted the web promoter and she said I had to choose a piece of lingerie from their online catalog and review it.  The lingerie was free of charge, so how could I possibly lose?

There were several websites to choose from.  I selected the Plus Size Lingerie Boutique, which is obviously meant for us thick curvy bombshells, and they have a wonderful selection with reasonable prices.  Too wonderful, as everything I liked had already sold out.  Eventually, I decided on the Dreamgirl Satin Seduction Floral Lace Robe and Charmuese Babydoll in fire engine red.  

To get the full and proper experience, I took a hot bath redolent with the fragrance du jour, eucalyptus.  My bed was freshly made and I had a glass of Red Moscato ready.  When I got out of my bath, soft, warm, and smelling good, I couldn’t wait to put on the Dreamgirl Babydoll.  As you can see in the pictures, the babydoll crisscrosses over the back, so it took me a moment to put it on correctly.  I didn’t think to adjust the straps at first—excited, remember—so when I first put it on, the straps cut into my skin.  I removed the babydoll, adjusted accordingly, and put it back on.  The satin felt magnificent and I was amused to find out how short it really was on me.  In the picture, it looks a bit longer, but in actuality, it literally stopped at my thighs.  Of course, that isn’t a problem.  The skirt flares out just as the picture shows.  The robe is as long as the babydoll itself.

A caveat:  The following does not negate the fact that the Dreamgirl Babydoll is perfect if you want to get certain things accomplished.

The issue revealed itself with my boobs.  The babydoll looks exactly as shown, but my breasts are larger than the model’s and the material didn’t fully cover them as shown in the picture, and once I adjusted the straps, I couldn’t get it to look right.  If this is something that’s marketed to plus-sized babes, then there should be adequate material to cover the breasts.  From what I could tell, the babydoll would be perfect for someone with a pair of 40-42Ds, something I haven’t been in a while. 

My boobs hung out on both sides and the only things that were significantly covered were my nipples.  That annoyed me.  I prefer my lingerie to cover the outside of my breasts and leave the cleavage free.  The photograph shows that, but that’s not how it actually is, unless you’re a small-breasted curvy babe.  Not the case with yours truly.

Overall, I’m satisfied with the item I chose, but that was only because it was free.  If I’d paid for it, I would have exchanged it for something else.  But as far as the actual website, I know that I will be visiting it again.  There’s just too much lingerie goodness to be had.  And they have a costume website!  It’s called the Plus Size Costume Super Center.   Remember Sexy Things #5?  Um, yeah.  They have one.

Rating 3/5 stars.

Oh, by the way...if anyone has suggestions or requests for any topic worthy of a Sexy Things post, do share. It's a popular series, and I feel compelled to continue it.

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