Musings in the Dark: Tainted



The following is an excerpt from my forthcoming novel Tainted:
 Kemme recognized the large envelope the moment it was handed to her.  It felt just like the others; same texture, same weight.  She knew what it contained.  Leseda and Grace, her sisters, turned to look.

            “Another one?” Grace asked.
            “What’s that make, six?” Leseda inquired.
            “Yep.  Six.”
            “No return address?”
            Kemme opened the envelope; a 12 X 15 flat made of some expensive textured material, and carefully pulled out a black folder.  Leseda and Grace were immediately by her side, ogling as she opened it.
            “Oh wow, this one’s different,” Grace said.

            “You’re naked,” Leseda said.  “He drew you butt-ass naked.”
            Kemme sighed.  “How in the world does he know what I look like naked?”
            “How do we know it’s a ‘he’?” Leseda inquired.  “It could just as easily be a ‘she’.  You got female fans too, Kemme.  Hadiya tells me all the time about how hot you are.”

“That doesn’t make you jealous?” Kemme eyed her sister.  Hadiya was Leseda’s wife.

“Nope.  I’m secure in my own hotness and I know Hadiya loves me.”
            This is a guy,” Grace said.  “The way these are drawn; the care and detail given…the very obvious and creepy adoration…this screams DUDE to me.”
            Leseda shrugged.  “We don’t know for certain, because there are some for sure lady creeptards out there.  But look at it.  Kemme, you have to be weirded out now.  I mean, if it is a guy, he drew you in the nude.   He never did that before.  You gotta recognize that he’s entering creepazoid territory.  I mean, this right here…”  She pointed at the drawing.  “Coochie out, lips parted, nipples hard…that dirty-ass bastard.”
            Kemme stared at the drawing.  She lay on a mountain of pillows, on her side, her head propped on one arm, the other casually draped over her hip.   She was completely naked.
            “He can certainly draw,” Grace said.  “I mean, this…this is astonishing.  He’s got the proportions right.  Your body isn’t exaggerated or cartoonish.  Your breasts look real and I’ve got to wonder what made him decide to sketch your pubic hair shaved in this manner—”
            Leseda chuckled, “How in the hell does he know what your nappy-ass snatch looks like, Kemme?  I mean, is it shaved like that?”
            “No,” Kemme said, trying not to laugh.  “I keep the grass edged and trimmed, but never to this extent.  He did give me bigger nipples, though.”
            Grace looked at her sister.  “You are not bothered by this, are you?”
            Kemme sighed.  “Is that wrong?  I mean, I know I should be creeped out…this is the sixth drawing I’ve received; each one more detailed than the last.  But I’m not.  It’s a beautiful picture.  I’m flattered.  I mean, I look good…”

               “You sound like Raz,” Leseda said.  Raz was their youngest sister.

            “All of them are beautiful, Kemme,” Grace said.  “We’re not denying the man’s talent.  Assuming it is a man.  We are, however, acknowledging that you should at least be uneasy.  You have a stalker.”

* * * 

Tainted drops soon.  Stay tuned!!!


  1. You're a tank!!!! And I am intrigued.

  2. I love you, Julie! You rock a green cape of awesome.

  3. I randomly started assigning capes of awesome based on color. Green is in the middle. I follow the colors of the visible spectrum in terms of awesomeness.


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