Musings in the Dark: Definition of a Woman


Definition of a Woman

What does it mean to be a woman?  I don’t mean the biological or physical aspect, but everything else.  What do we women possess that separates us from men?  I’ve read countless articles, stories and research that suggest that it is our emotions and ability to nurture and love which sets us apart from the male gender.  Some would go so far to suggest that it is our ability to create life which makes us unique. 

I don’t discount the aforementioned, but I think that it goes further and deeper than that.  The women I know who are wives and mothers ultimately come to realize that within the confines of being a wife and a mother, the woman gets lost.  Life gets in the way and the woman within a wife and mother suffocates.

Which leads me to the next question.  What do we women possess that separates us from wives and mothers? As a woman, I do have my own ideas as to what defines me.  However, I’m neither a wife nor a mother, so I cannot answer this aspect of the question.  But I am interested in knowing what other women think, be they wives and/or mothers.  What defines a woman?


  1. First, love the new look.

    Secondly, this is a damn good question. I think that the idea of "womanity" so to speak has limited to the stereotypical mother/wife/nurturer bullshit. Plenty of women can't stay monogamous. Even more women aren't maternal in any way.

    This tendency to limit the definition of "womanity" is a fairly recent development, I daresay. In ancient times, a female monarch or deity of wisdom, war, or hunting wasn't such a big deal.

    So now women - sans men - need to put our heads together and talk, really talk, about what it means to be a woman.

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