Musings in the Dark: The Sultry Court


The Sultry Court

The Sultry Court is an erotic anthology. Authors who are invited to participate in The Sultry Court must don a naughty persona and a noble title. The Ladies are encouraged to write erotic stories that range from the tame to the extreme. Submissions to The Sultry Court must have a minimum-R rating, and the authors can write about any subject they want (as long as it's erotic) with any type of character they like (the less conventional, or the more controversial, the better).

The authors who have contributed to the first volume of this potentially exciting series are as follows: Lady Allatu Trevigne, Lady Vasi Davin-Thorne, Lady Aislynn Sanchar, and Lady Chantilly Lace. You can learn more about the Ladies of the Court below.

Lady Allatu Trevigne

Lady Vasi Davin-Thorne

Lady Aislynn Sanchar

Lady Chantilly Lace

Excerpts from Volume I of The Sultry Court can be found on Writer's Cafe. Please read and enjoy, and be sure to leave a review.

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