Musings in the Dark: Female Necessities


Female Necessities


What five items are absolutely essential components of your wardrobe?  These should be items that are always in your closet or on your vanity.  Are there one or two items that are the same across the board for all women?  Or is each list singular and unique?

Here’s my list:
1.       1. Hoop earrings.  I try not to leave the house without them, and if I do, I keep extra in my purse, in the car and in my desk drawer at work. 
     2.  Eye makeup.  My eyes are my best feature, and so I want to emphasize them as much as possible.  Black matte with plum and silver accents is my favorite look.
    3. Blue jeans.  A good pair of jeans can be worn with anything.
    4. Black suit.  Need I say more?
    5. Good pair of black shoes (heels, for me).

What’s your list?  Share it with me!


  1. Gerri Grant Gipson1/19/11, 10:36 AM

    Amazing! Your list is exactly like mine! I would add that I prefer a black pants suit and that black dress that makes me look smaller than I am. Also, a pair of black sandals for spring and summer.

  2. 1) anti-cellulite cream

    2) cocoa butter vaseline

    3) lip gloss

    4) perfume

    5) comfy pants

  3. 1. black mascara
    2. jeans
    3. diamond studs
    4. white shirt
    5. black pencil skirt

    I have a few others but in the spirit of the post I am keeping it to five.

  4. 1. My Ojibway made earrings - traditionally made and very awesome.

    2. Black leggings - simple and cozy

    3. Handmade leather shoes - made in Northern Michigan and pretty sweet

    4. Ojibwa Pride and/or Anishinaabe hoodie

    5. Nature's gate herbal hand lotion

  5. 1. A great pair of dark denim jeans. I prefer ones from Old Navy.

    2. Hoop earrings - size, color or metal depends on outfit and/or mood.

    3. Make up - how much or how little, depends time/mood.

    4. Perfume - changes with season and my own whim.

    5. Accessories - Scarf, bracelets, or any other trinkets I'm enjoying at the moment.


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