Musings in the Dark: Middle Child Press


Middle Child Press

"We Wear Our Weird on the Outside."

Middle Child Press was created in 2010. A “tree-friendly” publishing house, MCP caters exclusively to female authors of color who have faced too many arbitrary hurdles in traditional publishing venues.

Current eBook publishers do not reflect the vision or aesthetical sensibilities of Ankhesen_Mie and Amaya Radjani, the creators and owners of MCP. These ladies believe that women of color authors and readers should not be restricted to “hood lit” or the subjective designation of “speculative fiction.”

MCP publishes work by women-of-color authors for women-of-color readers. Our authors are hand-picked, so we currently do not accept submissions.

We have just published the first volume of an erotic anthology called "The Sultry Court." Erotica is merely one aspect of MCP, but eventually the publishing house will have all genres represented.

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