Musings in the Dark: The Velimirs


The Velimirs

"The Velimirs" is a sci-fi fantasy epic about a black female, her alien husband, and her acculturation into his family and society on his home planet called Alvelar.

There are four books planned in this series:

Book I: Sheila & K'avir
Book II: Jaire & K'ervian
Book III: Nkenge & K'eylar
Book IV: Nicari & K'oren

The first book, "Sheila & K'avir," will be published in the winter of 2012 by Middle Child Press.

An excerpt from Book I: "Sheila & K'avir" entitled "Combat" can be found on the Writer's Cafe at
Please read and enjoy!


  1. After reading the teaser I will most definitely be purchasing, reading and reviewing this series.

  2. Thank you very much. I am working diligently on book one. Please check back for updates.


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