Musings in the Dark: TV & Me: The Mandalorian


TV & Me: The Mandalorian

Again, my girl Noob (who is obviously a TV head), put me on to this.  When Disney announced that they were making a show about a Mandalorian, I did not give even a slice of a damn.  The main reason was because I thought it was going to be about Boba Fett.  I never understood why he was so popular amongst Star Wars fans because he had limited screen time and went out like a straight up bitch.  So I didn’t bother with The Mandalorian.  

One day, Noob and I were chatting and she asked me if I was watching The Mandalorian and I said no and explained why.  She said, “No, it’s not like that at all...check it out.  You’ll like it.”  And since Noob’s never steered me wrong, I found it online and gave it a chance.  And obviously, I liked it.  It’s a simple show about a soldier having adventures across the galaxy and all of the beings he encounters therewith.  What I really like is that it’s a half-hour show, which is long enough considering.  I think Pedro Pascal is doing a good job as the Mandalorian, and I am curious to see what Season 3 will bring us, especially after Season 2’s finale.

It’s not a bad show.  If you like simple stories with simple plots, try out The Mandalorian.

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