Musings in the Dark: TV and Me: Ultimate Beastmaster


TV and Me: Ultimate Beastmaster

Last summer, I stumbled upon this show when I was watching Netflix with my niece.  I’m a fan of obstacle courses and I love a good obstacle course show.  Back in the day, I was a diehard stan of American Gladiators.  This show ups the ante by including athletes from other countries.  The obstacle course is called The Beast and that thing is bananas!  It has four increasingly harder levels and you have to be an elite athlete to finish it. 

Typically, climbers with strong upper body strength and low body mass do well.  Women do not.  Rarely does a woman make it to the second round, much less the third.  Part of me wonders if they’ll end up splitting the contestants by gender next season just so that there can be a female victor and part of me doesn’t want that.  But I would love to see a woman win for once.

Anyway, I really like Ultimate Beastmaster.  I like that it is inclusive of athletes from other countries: Spain, France, Germany, Italy, South Korea, China, Brazil, India, Japan, Great Britain and Australia.  The show also includes commentators from each country and watching them all react and interact with one another is hilarious.  Ultimate Beastmaster is a really fun show and definitely check it out if you’re looking for some time to kill.  Currently, the show has three seasons on Netflix.

**At the time of this writing, Ultimate Beastmaster has been canceled, so my wish of seeing a woman win won't come true.

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