Musings in the Dark: Damn! Another One???


Damn! Another One???

This will be brief.

Apparently, there’s another show on TV with a sistah heading the cast…as some man’s jump-off.  I’m not going to belabor the point, as you guys already know how I feel about this.  This network side-hoe trend that began with Scandal, continued with Deception (a show that was gratefully canceled after one limp-dick season), and is now manifesting with Being Mary Jane needs to die quick, fast and in a hurry.  It’s not cool.  And while I love the idea of sistahs starring in their own prime-time shows, I do not care for it coming at the expense of their integrity or sexuality.  This has got to stop, but until the ratings for shows like Scandal or BMJ (Deception suffered from a plethora of problems in addition to using Meagan Good as a Lure) drop into the negatives, it won’t. 


What is wrong with giving us a 2014 rendition of Clair Huxtable?  Or even better, how about giving us a sistah protagonist who’s happily single, living her life, and doing her thing without being encumbered with complicated relationship issues?  What in the hell is so difficult about that?  It is a life, a reality that a great many of us choose without an eyelash of regret.  I remember fondly a show called Living Single, and my two favorite characters were Maxine Shaw (played by Erika Alexander) and Regine Hunter (played by Kim Fields).  Max was the best-dressed attorney on TV, and her goal was moreso about mooching food off her bff Khadijah (Queen Latifah) than getting boo’ed up.  And Regine, a conceited social climber, wanted to get wifed by a wealthy man who could take care of her.  There was also Khadijah’s cousin Synclaire (Kim Coles), who was in a healthy relationship with Overton, the building super.  I don’t recall any of those fabulous women choosing to be a sideline hoe, and I do recall Living Single lasting several seasons.  Why can’t we have a show like this again?  

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  1. Scandal is watched by thousands of women and men black and not black. If we stop watching ratings go down. I haven't watched a single episode of scandal. People enjoy their sideline hoes. It is not going away anytime soon.

  2. Some of it is racist and a lot of it is sexist. How many shows with a lead lady who's white even has her doing her thing. Look at The Good Wife, all about her and her husband, her and her boy toy, etc.


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