Musings in the Dark: Boss Chicks: Michonne


Boss Chicks: Michonne

A/N:  This post deals with the TV show, not the comics, as I haven't read them yet.  Soon though...

Danai Gurira as "Michonne."  Also known as Boss Chick.

Michonne, played by actress Danai Gurira, is a badass katana-wielding survivor of the zombie apocalypse.  She made her debut on Season 2's finale of AMC's The Walking Dead by slicing up an attacking zombie and saving the life of Andrea, a woman on the run.  Michonne was wearing a hoodie and her face was hidden in shadow, but those who know the comic the show is based off of recognized her immediately.  Michonne is so superbly awesome that she walks around with two mutilated zombies on a chain.  They’re her pets. 

Pictured: Not a sistah you wanna fuck with.
We’re formally introduced to this Boss Chick in Season 3’s premiere when she effortlessly dispatches three zombies with two swipes of her blade.  Andrea is ill and they’re holed up in an abandoned general store.  We don’t see the pair of them again until Episode 3.

Michonne doesn’t say much, as she’s wary, observant and she don’t trust a motherfucker. Even though they’ve been together and on the run for seven months, it’s hard to say how much she trusts Andrea, and imho, she shouldn’t put too many eggs in that basket if Episode 3 is any indication.  Word on the street is that The Governor ain’t no joke, and Andrea, who is white, has already taken a liking to him.  Michonne has already expressed her interest in bailing out of Woodbury, the “town” where they’ve been taken (emphasis on taken), but Andrea, operating under White Girl Logic, says they should stay a while and get their shit together.

Michonne, being a badass, casually replies, “My shit ain’t never stopped being together,” before she walks off.  The episode ends shortly thereafter.

Too early to give my opinion on how much screen time she has.  But she has a major role in the comics and she’s a popular character with a solid fan base.  I'll be reviewing Michonne's portrayal every week on The Black Girls' Club as part of our ongoing Black Girls' Night Out series, so feel free to check in and share your thoughts.

Seen here: Best character introduction ever.

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