Musings in the Dark: My Last Nerve


My Last Nerve

I have to get this off my chest, because it's getting on my last nerve.

Why is it that when I put certain search terms into the Google image omnibox, I get hits that have absolutely nothing to do with said terms?

For instance, I typed in "black female hairstyles" and images of white women came up.  I typed in "black woman black man love" and white people came up.  I typed in "black female actresses" and white women came up.  Anytime I try to do an image search on anything black female-related (and I try to be as specific as possible in my search terms), white women always comes up.  Can anybody explain to me why that is???  Because it's starting to piss me off.

Search terms:  "black female hairstyles"

Some results:

Try it for yourself if you think I'm bullshitting.  These women aren't black and so they can't possibly rock a black hairstyle.  They're blondes, so the terms "black" and "hairstyle" don't apply.   I mean, can we have something all to ourselves????

/rant over.


  1. Girl, I've noticed this too. It makes image searching sheer hell. I don't know how the women of Clutch Magazine find all those stock photos of black women.

    It's maddening. You have to type in shit like "African" just to even START to get somewhere.

    How sickening we have to deal with this shit in 2012.

  2. I know, right? I'm like...WHAT THE HELL! How does this even make freaking sense???

  3. On the one hand it's annoying as hell. On the other hand, it's nice to see Google acknowledge that white folks are jacking our styles and culture like they've been doing since the beginning of time.


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