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I haven’t been blogging much lately for a number of reasons.  First of all, I’m in a transitory state and I’m taking time to cogitate where I am in life versus where I want to be.  This next step I take will be extremely significant and relatively permanent (as far as I can see), so I want to make sure I step wisely.  I desperately long for the day when my passion becomes my full-time job.  Make no mistake; that day will come.

I’ve been writing, thank the Lord.  My muse shows up when she shows up and you guys already know that when she does, I stop doing everything to answer the call.  There’s the two Bane-centered fanfics on pinkelegance, “What You Need” & “Bad Habits.”  There’s another one still in the thought stages; I need TDKR on DVD so that I can study the film in order to write the fic, tentatively titled “His Girl Friday.”  Bane is so powerfully sexy to me; there’s so much to like about a brilliant masked villain of his stature who is completely out of fucks to give.

I’ve just finished the final edits of Tainted and I’m very pleased to report that I’m super excited about this book, the idea for which came out of freaking nowhere, because it’s different from anything else I’ve written.  It has the potential to generate two separate spin-offs (a la Sheila & K’avir from “Sexy Beast”) if audiences find the characters likeable enough to want more of them.  I’ll be turning my attention back to Nightingales and Blade Dancer after Tainted is published, which will be in the very near future.  And thanks to artist Julie Nguyen, I will probably be able to finish Chapter 5 of “The Hunt” before the apocalypse.  I try to milk the muse for all she’s worth when she’s available because I never know when she’ll decide to disappear and leave me stranded.

I’ve also been working with author Aislynn Sanchar (you might remember her as the Dark Baroness) to produce her first novel and MCP’s next publication, Devil’s Siren.  MCP is all about branching out into genres with underrepresented WoC, which of course means all genres.  Baroness Sanchar’s novel, a sequel to her short story “Sacrament” (featured in The Sultry Court) is classified as supernatural erotica and is for very, very mature audiences.  Stay tuned for updates on the status of Lady Sanchar’s debut novel.

Creative spurts keep me going, and considering the holding pattern I’m currently in, I am so happy to have my muse keeping me company.


  1. Amaya, I am in the same boat as you. I am trying to break through the dichotomy of either focusing on upward mobility in my current career that would lead to better benefits and a great salary OR to focus on my passion of writing which doesn't lead to much income or benefits, but is extemely satisfying. I would love to have your fanfic piece featured on BGN. Fanfic is my new addiction and I really want to start honing my writing skills through practice of fanfic stories. If only I could leave my job and dedicate all of my time into writing my life would be perfect. Thanks for sharing this, it's good to know I'm not the only one out there dealing with battle of practicality and fantasy.

  2. I've always known that one day, writing was going to be my full-time career. I work hard to make it so, but until that day comes, I have to make a decent living.

    I'm in between jobs and I intend for my next job to be my last. It's my desire to live and work abroad, which is why I have to be careful about the choice I'm going to make. I've taken an enormous risk, but I expect the reward will be great.

  3. I know the feeling. I wear a lot of hats when it comes to earning a living. I live for your blog! I love the template and colors. It really does set a certain mood, and as a visual person that's very important to me. Its good to see you back!

  4. Hey Nicole!!!!

    Thanks so much; I'm glad you feel at home in the Dark. You are always, always welcome.

    I have so many things to blog about and I'll get back to blogging regularly soon. This transitory state is lasting longer than I planned, but I've learned to stand and wait on the Lord. Until it's time for me to move, I have the muse to keep me occupied.


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