Musings in the Dark: Fic Alert: Bad Habits


Fic Alert: Bad Habits

Sequel to "What You Need."  I know, I know...

"Actually, I paid him to set up a meeting with you.  I knew that I couldn’t see you any other way.  Bear in mind, Max, that if I were engaging my more…blunt…tendencies, I would have just shown up at your house and stayed.” 

She closed her eyes as she started walking down the hall.  “And I would have killed you.  Do not, for one second, think that I’m incapable of murder.  I will do anything to protect my child.”

He nodded curtly, well aware of the bodies Max left behind.

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  1. You've been quite busy!

    Been reading "Mezzanine."

    1) What's with you and dudes named Keith?

    2) are sooooo dark & twisty.


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