Musings in the Dark: Me and my muse...*sigh*


Me and my muse...*sigh*

It's funny how you can be swamped with a crapload of things to do and then all of a sudden, you get smashed over the head with an idea for a fanfic.  Like I have time to do any extra writing outside of my research and the editing of Tainted...but here comes the muse skipping along with a damn-near-fully-formed plot bunny and an icepick.  This means that I am compelled to write said fic because she will go all Sharon Stone on me if I don't comply.

The fic in question was inspired by Tom Hardy's Bane in The Dark Knight Rises.  Tom's sexy to begin with (lips!!!), but here he made the ol'girl damn near lose her religion.  I was literally breathing hard about four minutes into the movie and ready to throw my sexy panties at the screen during the beat'em-down scene.  If you've seen the movie, you know what scene I'm referring to.  By the time we reach the scene of him standing in front of Blackgate Prison, I was quite ready to launch myself at said screen.  Can we say giant girl boner???  

I have a predilection, so the mask is not a turn-off.  Quite the opposite, in fact.  My blood pressure hasn't been right since I caught the midnight showing. 

*cue drool* Dear Lord, could this man not be any sexier?

Four minutes in...and my pulse was racing.

*smiles slowly and spreads...*  Yeah.  You read that right.
When said fanfic, tentatively titled "What You Need" is posted on pinkelegance, I'll let you guys know.

*goes to sleep with visions of a naked Bane dancing in her head*


  1. Im not sure if this is the place to leave this question , but I just read your story with Spock and Uhura and I could not figure out if she was sent back or not in the story with
    Sheila and her vulcan husband is that before she went back or does she end up staying. I like to think that they were able to stop the transportor from sending her. Sust wanted to know.

  2. Hi Cathy. I'm fine with you leaving a comment here; I'm not sure if I have comment options on the pinkelegance blog.

    As far as the ending to "Sexy Beast," I prefer to leave that up to the individual reader. I honestly can't give you an answer because that is the actual ending of the story.

    Thanks for stopping by and feel free to come back and visit.

  3. Any chance you will make a sequel to “Sexy Beast” I just have to know that Spock , Uhura , and the baby are ok. I so love happy endings . Love your work.

  4. Unfortunately, Cathy, that is the end of the story. I'm no longer writing in that fandom. But I appreciate the support. All I can say is that you can decide for yourself how things turned out.

  5. You and your evil fics.

    I'm scared to read this one. When I read "Sexy Beast", I didn't want to sleep or go to work.

    @ Cathy

    Hint: if you can find her Sheila/K'avir stories online (I believe she's posted them), read them.


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