Musings in the Dark: Sexy Things (1)


Sexy Things (1)

In a quest to reach the apex of my own personal brand of femininity, I’ve recently begun purchasing pretty things and sexy things.  Like any woman, I love shoes, and as far as I’m concerned, can never have enough of them.  There’s something about a great pair of shoes that satisfies me on a deep level.  And there’s something about high heel shoes that improves the entire feminine physique.  Heels raise the calves and elongate the leg.  Yes, they can be uncomfortable, but that is why they must be properly broken in.  I have heels of varying heights, but nothing shorter than three inches.  I have fantastic legs and anything less than 3” does not show them off in the way I feel they deserve.
"Dolly" by Pleaser
Since I’m an amateur poler, I like platform heels.  Platforms are great to dance in because of the increase in surface area.  A word about these shoes:  People assume that just because they appear to be so high that they’re bad on the ankles and the arches.  What they don’t understand is that a platform heel actually does have a platform which reduces how high the foot arch goes.  For instance, I have a pair of red patent leather Pleaser Dolly platforms with a 5” heel.  The platform is 2”, so the actual height of my arch is 3”, and thus, extremely comfortable.

"Delight" by Pleaser
The next pair of platforms I plan to purchase are these boots.  They're made of a stretchy mesh fabric and pull up like a pair of stockings.  The heel is 5 3/4" with a 2 1/2" platform.  They come in black, silver and white as well as pink.  Also from Pleaser.  Nice, aren't they?  

I also plan to get a pair of clear heels.   Clear platforms are a standard for exotic dancers and they are quite sexy.  You can get them in all shapes and sizes, with designs, rhinestones, crystals and slits to hold money.  Dancing in a pair of clear heels adds a risque edge, one which I can't resist.  And truth be told, most men can't either.  
Every woman should own a pair of these.

There is something about sexy shoes and boots that answer what I think is a primal female need.  Men cannot help but gawk and I love the attention.  Now I don't wear these to my place of employment, but I will sport them elsewhere.  Proudly, I might add.  I’m sure plenty of people will make assumptions about what it is I might do for a living based on the shoes I wear, but as the cliché goes: walk a mile in them before you judge.  As long as my name’s spelled right, I don’t give a shit.

Don't hesitate to visit Pleaser or Ellie if you are a fan of sexy shoes.  They are makers of great comfy platform sandals and boots.  Their shoes have a shock-absorbing cushion for the sole, which makes learning to dance in platforms a lot less hard on the feet.  They can be expensive, but I caution you to not trade comfort for cost.  Your feet will pay the price for a lifetime.

Next:  Stockings & garter belts

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