Musings in the Dark: What's Next?


What's Next?

Well, October has officially passed and I'm sad about it.  The past four or five days have been extremely busy (changes and moves are being made; more on that later) and I did not get to write my final Halloween appreciation post.  I'm sorry about that.  I was debating whether to end with a TV show, novel or movie and ended up not doing any of them.  Sorry about that.

However, I am glad that my tribute to my favorite holiday got me blogging again on a regular basis and I'd like to try and keep up with that, even if only once a week.  I know I've said this before.  I think the issue for me is figuring out what to blog about.  My life in Indonesia is quite boring (which I don't mind), and there's nothing much to say about it.  The most fun thing I do is go to the movies and write stories.  

Last three movies I saw were IT Chapter 2, Joker & Gemini Man, in that order.  ITCh2 was a hot ass mess in so many ways.  Joker was pretty good, and Gemini Man could have been a whole lot better.  Maybe I'll write a review for each one and that will keep me blogging on a regular basis if I commit to it.  I should, because Doctor Sleep is coming out soon and I know I'm going to see it at least twice (if it's any good).

So, let's see if this little experiment works.  


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