Musings in the Dark: Gemini Man


Gemini Man

I love assassin movies.  There's something about assassins that appeals to me.  Maybe it's the skill set required to take a motherfucker out and sleep like a baby for eight hours.  I don't know.  So when I heard that Big Willie Style was gonna be in an assassin flick, going head up with his younger self, I was all in.


Basically, Will's character, Henry Brogan (and that is a bad name choice; he looks nothing like a Henry) is ready to call it a career after one last job.  He finds out that said last job was built on a lie and when his superiors find out that he knows the truth, they send an assassin (young Will; aka "Junior") to take Henry out.

I thought I was about to watch a straight-up battle between two dudes with the same skill set and abilities, age and experience being the only variables.  Instead what I got was one real action scene between the two and everything else was just...bleh.  A fuckin' love fest is how I described it to Noob.  It's like it turned into a different movie about halfway through.  Hancock suffered from this same issue.  The people who made the movie were more interested in the technical details than the plot.

Note: The de-aging technology used in this film is incredible.  Also, there are some shots that are amazing.  Ang Lee has a wonderful eye.

You have a decent premise, a set-up for some bad-assitude, and instead of going out with a bang, it went out with a whimper.  Noob pointed out that Will doesn't attempt to grow as an actor in terms of him always being the good guy.  It's like he's afraid to be the bad guy, and I'd love to see Big Willie Style as a villain.  This movie would have worked a lot better if Junior and Henry tapped into that dark side any real assassin has and went head up.  Alas, they didn't and the movie barely made a splash in the theater.  Grade: D.


  1. The first comment I saw on the trailer for this on YouTube was, this is the kind of movie you make when your son disappoints you. That made me laugh my ass off.

    Since you love assassin movies, what do you think of the John Wick movies? I have only seen the second one so far. Loved it.

    1. Girl, I'm a John Wick stan!! Love those flicks!! Ready for Chapter 4.

    2. Do some movie reviews about that as well. Love to hear your point of view.


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