Musings in the Dark: Publication Announcement!!!


Publication Announcement!!!

Dark Dilettantes!!


I am pleased to announce that my fourth book, Tainted, is now ready for purchase at MCP's Shopify store.  This book has been a labor of love for over four years.  It has a beautiful new cover, created by the ultra-talented JVNX.

Tainted tells the story of glam rocker Kemme Thornton, a woman who has everything most women dream of: beauty, talent, fame, fortune and notoriety...and she has everything a woman really needs: a family that supports her in everything she wants to do.  She has it all, but it isn't enough.

Kemme is in love with being in love and believes she's found it in Keith Marshall, a shy, geeky engineer.  Keith wants to marry Kemme and give her the perfect life she thinks she wants.  This perfection hides a nasty, insidious secret that Kemme soon uncovers.  Said secret forces her to see herself through Keith's eyes, but will she like what she sees or will it destroy her?

You can purchase Tainted for the low price of $2.99.  Thank you for your support!!!


  1. I sent you an an e-mail earlier this month since I have not heard back from you in years. Hope you are doing well. Season greetings.

    1. HI Shana! Can you re-send it? I don't recall receiving it.

    2. I sent it on the 5th of December. Did you change your e-mail address? I will re-send it one more time.


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