Musings in the Dark: Prince's Legacy: #7


Prince's Legacy: #7

#7:  Diamonds & Pearls

In the late 80s/early 90s, Prince was dropping an album yearly, or so it seemed.  Diamonds & Pearls dropped in 1991, with an awesome holographic cover of Prince and his backup dancers “Diamond” and “Pearl.”  It is an album with an eclectic mix of musical styles from funk to pop to rock.  Diamonds & Pearls features the album debut of Prince’s backup band The New Power Generation.

Having been nursed on Prince and the Revolution since the early 80s, I was sad to learn that Prince and the band broke up in 1986 (though it seemed like they’d been together longer than that.  I’m clearly misremembering that the Revolution was the band behind Sign O’ the Times.  I didn’t know it until Prince got a new band.


Anyhoo, I digress.  Diamonds & Pearls produced six singles.  Of these, my favorites are “Cream,”  “Insatiable,” “Gett Off,” and “Diamonds & Pearls.”  An additional track that was not released as a single would be “Strollin’.”

This album introduced the phenomenal talent that is Rosie Gaines.  Her voice syncs with Prince’s perfectly and their duets/add-ons are amazing.  “Diamonds and Pearls” is a beautiful duet with Rosie.  It’s easy on the ears and a relaxing track.  “Strollin’” is another track that is nice to listen to.  It’s different, but equally fun and a testament to Prince’s ability to experiment with different tones, melodies and musical styles.  It’s a song that should be paired up with a TV show or something.

“Cream” is a fun, funky jam.  I remember when I first heard it and saw the video.  Prince is simply gorgeous moving about the stage, interacting with Diamond & Pearl in only the way Prince could.  Me and the bestie would hit that chorus full blast:

Cream/get on top
Cream/u will cop
Cream/don’t u stop
Cream/sh boogie bop

I always wanted something sweet after listening to this cut.  I don’t know why.

“Insatiable” is primo, vintage Prince.  If this track ain’t a babymaker, then I don’t know what is.  A long time ago (when shit like this mattered), my boyfriend made me a slow jam cassette tape and this cut closed it out.  You simply cannot go wrong with playing “Insatiable” when you’re in the mood for a little horizontal bump with your boo.  That track will make you accomplish some things.  It is my favorite cut off the album, hands down.

In the song, Prince references his partner as Martha.  To this day, I am dying to know who this lucky bitch is.  Did she inspire him to write “Insatiable?”  Is her name actually Martha?  Damn it, inquiring minds wanna know.

“Gett Off” is a track that still goes hard today. I love the flute and the melody.  Prince is straight lettin’ a sistah know what he’s all about in this cut.  23 positions in a one-night stand?  Count me in, baby.  And then Prince, being Prince, performed “Gett Off” in a yellow-gold ass-less outfit on the 1991 MTV Video Awards.  Everyone who is a member of the Purple Army knows exactly when and where s/he was when that performance dropped.

Need a brief reminder?  Here ya go.

Nobody else could pull this off.  Nobody.  Not nobody.  Prince defied everything that could be defied.  All these “new” artists talking about they’re the next Prince need to fuck outta here with that BS.  There will never be another Prince.

Diamonds & Pearls peaked at #3 on Billboard.

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