Musings in the Dark: The Rebirth of Slick (III)


The Rebirth of Slick (III)


Yeah, this looks to be a series of Stella-esque proportions.  I'm working some things out, so...

(Leoprincess, getchu a Self-Care Fund on the real)

I used to get a massage once a month at Massage Envy in the States. 45 minutes and slightly more than a dollar per minute and contracts are required and medical history and all...Over here, where there's at least 3 massage parlors on every freakin' corner, they don't deal with that level of bureaucratic bullshit.  No contract, no dambs given regarding medical history or anything of the sort.  They feel like if you want a massage, then it's on you what your issues are if you don't speak up to your therapist.  And you can get a 90-minute massage for about $40.

So the first time I rolled up in one of said parlors, I was given a pair of paper panties.  Being used to keeping my underwear on at Massage Envy, I was like, "Dafuq is this about?"  The therapist assigned to me (her name was "Candy") explained in halting English that it's to keep from getting oil in the fabric.  I could also opt to keep them off if I wanted...but I wasn't even trying to hear that nonsense.

(She also asked if I wanted my breasts massaged and I couldn't get the words "Hell no" out fast enough)

When I fell in with Trey, that mindset hadn't changed.  I knew about the happy endings some therapists provided (from my boss, no less), but it was one of those things that didn't interest me.  Not every therapist does them.  My back and hips were my main concern.  Anyway, a buddy mentioned that she'd gotten a happy ending and I couldn't help but ask, "Well, how do you let them know that's what you want?"

She said, "Don't wear the paper panties.  And don't flinch."

I simply couldn't handle that information and kept the paper drawz on.

Anyhoo, one of the things that I liked about Trey's technique early on was that he got on the bed and straddled my thighs to massage my back and hips.  The therapists aren't shy about nakedness, and so the way he went about dealing with the paper drawz was to turn them halfway down to have access to my lower back and pelvis.  I had no problems with this.  Trey walks his thumbs up my spine and then drags them down on either side before arching them over my pelvic bone.  He does this at least three times, and I didn't even realize that the pelvic bone could get that sore.  But I digress.  The massages I get from him have always been great (duh!), but it wasn't until after Trey's joyous return from holiday that I realized he hadn't even scratched the surface of how truly amazing they could be.

I'm a grown-ass woman and I don't have shit to prove to anyone.  So why was I holding back?  I couldn't answer that question and so I stopped wearing the paper panties...and great day in the morning, a revelation!

The native women over here aren't curvaceous in the slightest.  They're small-breasted and small-hipped, with beautiful (but skinny) legs.  It stands to reason that most of Trey's clientele are shaped thusly, or are white and either out of shape or as curvy as tongue depressors.  What I can say with great certainty is that he doesn't have a lot of (if any) clients like me.  I'm built like what the Commodores call a brick house and I'm one of those women who does what LL Cool J calls a "Jingling Baby."  What can I say?  My body's a Wonderland.

Long story short: the first time I stopped wearing the paper panties, I swear 'fo Lord that Trey had a come to Jesus meeting with my ass.  He hopped on that bed, got his hands on it and went for broke.  I was lying with my head on my arms, smiling like a nutcase on Thorazine as he tapped into his inner bruh and smacked it, squeezed it, rolled it, popped it, and made it clap.  I could hear his breathing change and he muttered things in Mandarin (which, admittedly, was sexy as fuck) while manipulating the muscles.  He stroked the hell out of my bass drum with as much enthusiasm as I'd ever seen him exhibit, and all I could think of was, Yeah, the booty don't lie. It brings all the boys to the yard.  It was probably Trey's very first time touching a black woman's ass* and I do hope it was good for him.  I hope he deposited enough memories intp the spank-bank...and then did a massive withdrawal later.  I truly couldn't see that not happening.  He was far too happy with the rolling bass.

Then he took the already superlative massage a step further by tackling my inner thighs and hip joints.  All I can say is that it hurt like a motherfucker and I couldn't sit without discomfort for about two days (and a trip to the bathhouse was required), but was I unhappy about this?  Hell no.  He knew it too.

Trey didn't bother fucking around with the paper panties the following week, and we settled into the next level of this thing.  He got on the table, knuckled and thumbed my back and pelvis before happily worshipping the bass before started working on my upper thighs and hip joints.  It hurt like a sumbitch those first two times and what I realized he was doing was stretching my pelvis and unlocking my hips.  In short, he was opening me up.

You're probably wondering...for what?

*I can't help but wonder how many of the native men prefer a curvy, full-bodied woman.  Not that every woman over here is the size of a hairbrush, but the majority of them are slim and snake-hipped.  There just aren't that many options if you're a native guy who prefers women built differently.  Or maybe the native males don't even realize that's what they like until they're presented with it.  I'll pontificate on this subject in some detail in a later post.


  1. Well........DAMN.

  2. I couldn't help but laugh out loud at one point! This man really enjoys people's bodies.
    I used to think that I should have gotten dance lessons many years ago to loosen up but now I'm considering the massage option... though not as intense as yours, I'm not strong to handle alll of that.

  3. @LeoPrincess: EXACTLY.

    @Myra: I don't know how much he appreciates his other clients' physiques; I can only tell you how he feels about mine...and it's clear as glass what those feelings are.

    And yeah, I didn't realize how absolutely serious and beneficial deep tissue massages are. My physical, mental and emotional health have improved greatly over the past few months. And the fact that he's tapped into a long-dormant aspect of my sexuality does not hurt, no matter how painful it is physically. Trey ain't goin' nowhere.

  4. I believe you, it's just that I was thinking broadly, like he doesn't seem like the average massage therapist who are so used to seeing bodies that they don't react in such a way. Yours is new to him though, I get that. I do think that there's no way he acts like that to that extent for all of his customers, like that's too much energy and memory of each person's body/mind. You're lucky to have a such a good connection with him.

    I forgot to ask about your health in general, good to know it got better! I'm always amazed at how hands can heal our bodies.

  5. I thought the same thing too. He's been doing this for a long time, and everything gets old after a fashion. I know he blanks out; I've seen him do it before. But not with me, especially once I stopped wearing the paper drawz. I think I made that man's day.

    As far as my health...I'm addressing that in the next post.


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