Musings in the Dark: New Shortie Alert: Discipline


New Shortie Alert: Discipline

Well, this little baby was inspired by a discussion over on The Black Girls’Club.  May I present to you, “Discipline,” starring Jill Scott, Tom Hardy, & Tom Hiddleston.  This fic comes with pics and a soundtrack.  

Lord, he felt so good.  My hands went up and down, down and up, taking in the tactile terrificness of his torso and I couldn’t help but moan a little.  But being the calm, cool woman that I am, I moved my hands back up to curl around his neck, making sure I got every inch of available skin. Then, when I was ready, I caressed the lobe of his right ear, giving him the signal to sit up.  He did so, giving me room to get to my knees.  I’m so glad my tub is deep; otherwise water would slosh everywhere.

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