Musings in the Dark: In the Shadow of Greatness


In the Shadow of Greatness

I would like to take some time to honor a man who, in a short time, has become a very important part of my life.  He is a fellow creative soul, a genius in residence, an all-around stud, and one of the wisest people I know.  He is a man who covers the ground where he stands, and being that he's 6'5", that's a lot of ground.  If he has your back, then you are blessed indeed.

He is a staunch supporter of PoC, LGBTQs, women, and other marginalized groups.  He takes no prisoners and he does not back down.  You don't want to roll up on him on a brightly lit alley, much less a dark one.  He allows you to say whatever you want, but choose your words wisely, because he'll make you eat them if you can't defend them.

He takes absolutely zero shit off racists, haters, asshats, wanna-be allies, jerks, innanet gangstas and keyboard warriors.  For fools who wanna chug a bottle of eCourage and come for him, he is classy enough to warn your dumb asses that that is not the wisest course of action.  And he's super-kind enough to link me to watch the takedowns occur.  It's one of my few forms of entertainment.

I have learned so much just by listening to his words and reading his articles and posts.  I'm not nearly as knowledgeable in the arena of social activism as he is, but because of what I've learned from him, I'm able to stand tall in the areas I can and deflect the fuckery that ultimately comes my way.

To my friend, my fellow author, and my brother from another mother, I wish you nothing but good dreams, better blessings, and multiple fortunes.  And if I could fund your very own personal rotating hottie lineup, I'd gladly fork over the cash to do so.

*raises glass*  To you, Denny!  May 2014 be as good to you as 2013 was to me.

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