Musings in the Dark: Technical Difficulties


Technical Difficulties

Fans of the Dark...

Lately I have been having technical difficulties with Blogger and living in a place where one needs a VPN in order to surf the web.  The point of the latter half of the above statement is that the VPNs only work when you can stay a step or two ahead of this particular government.  They are constantly locking down and it can be frustrating as hell.

Good news though: The re-release of Tainted is back on schedule.  I thought that, with my sudden major life adjustment, that all of my novel-writing efforts wouldn't resurface until next damn summer. I was lamenting the loss of time because y'all all know that Blade Dancer and Nightingales: CRASH!!! shoulda been published.

I mean, that's me saying that, but if the muse doesn't speak, I hear absolutely nothing and my fingers remain in stasis until...but I digress. The serious bout of jet lag I had wore off about three weeks ago and I've found myself with renewed energy.  There's my most recent shortie, "Who's Lovin' You," (complete btw) and another chapter of "Forever, in the Night."  I wish I could jump back into "His Girl Friday," as it's a story I need to tell.  The muse's fanfic personality just hasn't felt like showing herself.  But you know if I have a choice, I'd rather tell my own stories with my own original characters, so I can't really apologize for this  

So if it seems like my posts are few and far in between, a lot of it has to do with the fact that my new job consumes a lot of my time, and technical difficulties are a real thing over here.  Please continue to stay tuned, because I cannot wait to reveal Tainted's new cover.  And it's more than just a new cover; the book itself is undergoing some significant edits, so it'll be even more...(insert descriptor here).  Hopefully, I'll be back on my creative grind soon enough.

Peace and love from the other side of the world...

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