Musings in the Dark: Fic Update: Who's Lovin' You?


Fic Update: Who's Lovin' You?

"My husband is 59 years old, and he’s always been a very mild-mannered man.  He doesn’t do rash things.  He doesn’t overreact.   He isn’t passionate about anything except his work, and even that doesn’t send him over the edge.  He doesn’t fly off the handle and doesn’t throw a tantrum when he doesn’t get his way.  I love him for his ability to be steady, to be a port in a storm, to be bedrock in all things.  I didn’t appreciate that ability when we were first married, and was frustrated that my mild-mannered military man lacked the zeal of other paramours.  Being young, I thought that vivid exhibits of exuberance and continuous chants of wonderful words and silky sentences were equivalent to love.  Among my friends, I’ve seen those displays of devotion and heated words of love turn to ash and drift away.  I’ve been a shoulder to many women whose marriages have failed for whatever reason, and I learned to appreciate who Patrick is.

Maybe I took it all for granted.  Maybe because we’d known each other since third grade, there was no need for the peacock feathers.  Maybe because I believed that Patrick was incapable of passion, I never had any reason to worry about him."

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A/N:  I certainly hope this burst of creative activity will lend itself to an unfinished fic, or heaven forbid, book 2 of Nightingales or Blade Dancer.  But the muse will do as she pleases, and y'all know I'm gonna obey her.

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