Musings in the Dark: New Fic Alert: Forever, in the Night


New Fic Alert: Forever, in the Night

Disclaimer: This fic isn't really new, as Pitch Black came out in 2000, and this fic was written not too long afterward.  It's being posted via request.  Enjoy. 

“Tell ‘em Riddick’s dead.  He died somewhere back on that planet.”

It sounded good, great even. Fry’s sacrifice was worth saying those words.  She convinced him to go back for Imam and Jack, and she said that she was willing to risk a nasty, violent death to save them.  What she wasn’t willing to do was risk her life to save him, but ended up doing so anyway.  It happened so fast and so suddenly that Riddick didn’t know how to react, and he was honestly still processing the fact that Fry was gone.  He was obligated to take as many of those insane creatures as recompense for her death, and so frying dozens of those bastards in the afterburners felt great.

Riddick navigated the skiff above the comet remnants, deep in thought.  Fry died saving him.  He remembered the few scant minutes with her in the skiff as she ran diagnostics.  The tension was there, present behind the thinly veiled fear in her eyes.  She was a woman he could have conceivably been with; someone he’d actually connected with…a moment of humanity, and like that…poof!—she was gone. There hadn’t even been time to contemplate what it would have been like to be unrestrained with her.

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