Musings in the Dark: Throwback Celebration


Throwback Celebration

As I sit at my computer, working on final edits of my thesis, I’m listening to music.  Sometimes it’s Pandora Internet Radio; other times, it's songs on YouTube.  You already know that I’m an O’head; I prefer the older stuff to what’s on the radio now and I ain't trying to convert.   When I was a kid, 90% of my social activities revolved around music of some sort.  Certain songs trigger certain memories and I truly wanted to recall said memories.  However, I didn’t know the names of the songs associated with them even though I remembered the songs themselves.

Christmas 2012; I was on YouTube listening to some music from the 1990s and messed around and clicked on one of the side recommendation links.  The link was “Numbers—Wicked Mix by Kraftwerk.”  I didn’t know who in the southern fried fuck that was until the song came on.  I nearly had a heart attack, but my brain and body immediately transported back to the 1980s; I stood up and started pop-locking like it hadn’t been almost 30 years since I’d heard Numbers.  From there, I started clicking on related links…and the memories came flooding back.  I was so happy; I had access to the memories I needed.  (We won't mention my resultant fatigue from trying to dance the way I'd danced as a goofy-looking no-boobs-having pre-teen.)

So this little tribute is for the grown and sexy O'heads like me.  If you remember a time when disputes were settled at the rink or with a boombox, a piece of cardboard, and some of the sickest dance moves this side of a sour apple Blow Pop...throw your hands up.

Kraftwerk  "Numbers"

Imagine my surprise when I learned that these dudes were German.  
We used to pop-lock and breakdance to their music.

Afrika Bambaataa  "Looking for the Perfect Beat"

When we heard the opening to this cut, we knew shit just got real.

Strafe "Set it Off"

 Rollerskating anthem.  You couldn't lace them bad boys up 
fast enough once the DJ dropped this monster hit. 

 George Kranz "Din Daa Daa"

 This surprised the hell out of me.  As a kid, we thought it was a tribute to our African ancestry and danced accordingly.  It's also the song that saved Miracles in Breakin' 2.  When I learned that the musician was actually a German dude experimenting with sounds, I had to question a few things.

Cybotron  "Clear"

 I remember rockin' my brother's three-striped Adidas suit 
and shell-tops with fat boy shoestrings while trying (and failing) to do flares.

Newcleus "Push the Button"

There's at least three or four Newcleus cuts I could have selected, 
but this is the one that was guaranteed to cause a battle.  
RIP Chilly B.

Vaughn Mason  "Rock Skate Roll Bounce"

You don't question it.  You just do what the song tells you to do.  
Where my skates at?

Now, thanks to YouTube Downloader, this wonderful music is now on my mp3 player.  The Internet is glorious, and all hail YouTube.  This O’head is happier than a con with an improved credit score.

Also, I just realized that this is my 200th post!  Come April, I will have been blogging for three years, and what a great thing that is!  *raises a glass of Red Moscato*  So, fans of the Dark, have a drink on me...

...and DANCE!!!

George Clinton  "Atomic Dog"

Do I even need to provide a context?

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