Musings in the Dark: New Fic Alert: "His Girl Friday"


New Fic Alert: "His Girl Friday"

Some time ago, in August, to be specific, I mentioned that I had plans to write a third and final (?) TDKR fanfic entitled "His Girl Friday."  I couldn't write the fic until the film was released on DVD.  So obviously, as of last Tuesday, I became the proud owner of the attractive TDK box set for only $19.96 at the local Wal-Mart.  This gives me unlimited opportunities to lose my collective shit over Bane and study the movie so that the story can be told.

Pictured:  Source of many, many girl boners.

"His Girl Friday," which is a sequel to "What You Need," explores Bane's influences in key scenes throughout the movie.  I love writing fanfics where I can thread the needle of consistency and fill in blanks to satisfy my own warped, smutty sensibilities.  Of course the fic is for mature audiences only.

Feel free to check out "His Girl Friday" over on pinkelegance.  Reviews are encouraged and appreciated.

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