Musings in the Dark: Every Woman Should Have...


Every Woman Should Have...

I have an awesome fashionista friend who's a buyer for a large department store chain. Recently, she developed a list of ten things she thinks every woman should have.  The list was popular with our group of friends on Facebook, and she's given me permission to post it here.  Feel free to share your own ideas, inclusions, substitutions and disagreements.

10.  Theme music.  

--Being a moody sort, my playlist constantly changes, but you better believe there's some Massive Attack in there somewhere.

9.  A good hair stylist.  

--I'm a natural and I take exceptional care of my own hair, and it costs me far less than if I had to get a stranger to do it.  But it's still a good thing to have for those with hair struggles.

8.  Regular manicures & pedicures.  


7. A go-to menu item.  

--Steak, medium well, baked potato and broccoli with sweet tea.

6.  Pearls; earrings and a necklace.  

--I love pearls, and haven't gotten around to replacing my old set.  Pearls are timeless and classy.

5.  A fresh scent for the season; preferably one for spring/summer and another for fall/winter.  

--I have a sensitive nose and allergies, so I'm not overly fond of perfumes, but I do have a scent I use year-round: Anne Klein's Green Tea.  

4.  A dependable strapless bra.  

Hell yes.

3. A "Get Cute Quick" kit.  This includes: eyeliner, mascara, lipliner, lip gloss/lipstick, lotion, clear nail polish, nail file/trimmer.  

--With the exception of the nail polish, check.

2.  The "Killer B's" :  Black cardigan, black pants, black skirt, black shawl, black pumps, black blazer, black dress.  

--I have all of these.  I'm the Mistress of the Dark.

1.  A pair of diamond studs.  

--This is on my TO GET list; I want a pair of one carat infinity cut, and I will own them before leaving this Earth.


  1. I think I'll add two more things to the list: a good pair of jeans and a pair of standard go-with-anything high heels.

  2. I don't wear that much black because I have a white cat and that is asking for trouble. I do have a ponte black dress which is both comfortable and stylish. Oh and two pairs of black boots. I'm also natural so I mostly do my own hair but I did find a stylist for my yearly trim. I've had my pearl earrings and necklace forever.


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