Musings in the Dark: Boss Chicks: Miranda Mercury


Boss Chicks: Miranda Mercury

This Boss Chick has a cool-ass name: Miranda Mercury.  Miranda is an adventurer, a traveler and a heroine.  She's a fighter; she believes in justice and has no patience for intolerance.  She's brave and logical, and doesn't consider herself great or heroic.  She saves a planet at the tender young age of 10, and from then on, engages in remarkable feats of sheroism.  Miranda's accompanied in her adventures by her sidekick Jack Warning, a blond genius who's loyal to the core.

You can find The Many Adventures of Miranda Mercury on Amazon.  

Miranda Mercury is unique because she's humble and has a year to live; she's dying of an incurable virus given to her by an enemy.  But it doesn't stop her from rolling up her sleeves and doing what needs to be done.  Which is the essence of a Boss Chick.

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