Musings in the Dark: Untitled



"Black Love" by xoxolizsherron
you started this shit
i was aiight
mindin my own doin my thang
and here you come
blowin my mind doin what you do
bein who you be
fine as all get out sexy motherfuckin bastard
got me wet enough to wring water
nipples like rocks hot like the sun
you dont even look the part
you aint what i seen on my side
you say what i dream you know what i mean
you started this shit
"Black Love" by j9greer06
you the one who put it out there
you was the first to say what you said
i just replied told you what i saw what i thought
didnt think it meant anythin
didnt think you heard
didnt matter cause i thought it wouldnt last
you got in my head and moved into my mind
motherfucker you need to pay rent
i was aiight i was good
movin thru my days like drivin in my hood
calm as silence cool as dawn
then here you come
you started this shit
you showed yourself you showed your hand
you was up front bout where you stand
"Black Love" by electropussyshock
whats a sistah to do but respect
the magnificent might of the man
the realization of the fantasy
the answer to the question
the twitters twit who tweeted 
to the words you put down
i cant speak the words are in my throat
you smell so damn good
your eyes see me in me thru me
youre like my door tall and broad
built the way my man should be
like God used my special blueprints
stolen from my secret place
put you together muscle by muscle
"Black Love" by Darkboy
solid like a brick wall arms that hold up my world
i was aiight i was good
my life was peace
then here you come
you started this shit
i knew you was trouble
you the one momma warned me about
you the one my daddy woulda shot
you the one that broke me down
dont start nothin wont be nothin
but you started it finished it did it again and had an encore
and i could do nothin but let you
powerless to resist
didnt think any key could fit my lock
didnt believe i could let a man in
hearts hard for a reason weak women get broke
but you dispensed with that bull in one subtle choke
you held me and owned me and took it all
there was enough breath to say your name
and there was liquid evidence that did the same
no words needed we were beyond them
we laid and played and slayed and stayed
my poonanny got a dent and your dick got bent
hot sticky sweaty sexy funky
hair fucked up and makeup broke a world record
my neck bears the evidence of your mouth and hands
you know i cant hide it nor do i want to
scratches on your back bites on your shoulder
you didnt get out of this unscathed
i left my mark deep upon you
left my love all over your face
left my heat all over you
left my passion in scratches and nibbles
left you broken with nothing but my name
and here we are you and me me and you
you cant leave me and i wont leave you
i was aiight i was good
my world was just fine
rotatin and revolvin risin sun settin moon
sky as clear as my future
"Bonded" by Fred Matthews
and then here you come
fuckin thangs up 
makin me remember the best part of being a woman
you started this shit
every bit of this is your fault
you better want it and own it
cause you came lookin for it
i know you like it you love it
or you wouldna came after it
games aint played right here

you knew what was up

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  1. umm...yea...that had my mouth opened the whole time


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