Musings in the Dark: Sexy Things (2)


Sexy Things (2)

So I'll talk some more about the sexy things I like: pantyhose and stockings. Pantyhose cover the leg from waist to toe and they’re generally made of nylon. Stockings cover the leg from toe to upper thigh and they can be made of nylon, cotton, linen, wool or silk.  Stockings, because they’re unconnected, come in a pair of two discrete hose.  Pantyhose are a connected pair.  Stockings tend to roll down, so they require the use of a garter belt for support.  Both look good on a woman’s legs; they make the gams smooth.  There are uses for both.  But when I want to feel sexy, I prefer stockings and garter belts.

Stockings are typically adorned in more creative styles than pantyhose.  I prefer seamed stockings and fishnets.  Seamed stockings hint at deeper sexuality beyond what’s shown. I wanted to try out my new seamed hose, and so wore them to church, with a simple black skirt and gray sweater. I examined the way my legs looked in the stockings, I thought they were longer and sleeker than normal, and just knowing there was a seam made me feel wicked.  Keeping the stockings up required the use of a garter belt.  Under normal circumstances, garter belts shouldn't be seen.  When I wear mine, it’s my own private little secret, my own little display of sexiness.  If a man is fortunate enough to get a peek of the garter belt and the top of a stocking, he’s down for the count.

Case in point:  My bff was singing in the choir, and she told me later that she counted the number of men who were randomly coming up to me.  The male ushers kept bringing me fans, programs, bibles, tissues, anything.  That sort of thing doesn't happen normally, and it got her attention.  So while discussing it later, I told her that I wore my new seamed stockings.  She looked at me and said, “HARLOT!  Then in the next breath, she asked me where she could get some.  We talked even further and she said that men notice such things as   
 the design on a stocking, and seamed hose were always perceived as subtle sexy, and that was why I'd gotten so much attention.  I tend to believe that it was simply because I'm a pretty boss chick to begin with, and the seams gave them a reason to approach me.  If I’d chosen to, I could have made some interesting connections with the bevy of male babes that were catering to me in church.  But don’t get me started about church boys.

Garter belts are fun in and of themselves.  They've always been seen as sexy, as the necessary accessory of an elegant, refined woman.  They come in all colors: black, red, white, nude; varieties: lace, nylon, silk, opaque.  A good garter belt has easy clips that don't ruin the hose.  Always purchase one slightly larger than your waist, and examine the clips to make sure they aren't metal.
It’s things like these that make being a woman easy and fun.  I haven’t always felt this way, but now I embrace every aspect of it.  Being a plus-sized diva, I can't get good garter belts from the stores; I have to hit up online shops that cater to us.  I've found success at Snaz75, ILoveSexy, & ElectriqueBoutique.  It's all about adding to the collection of sexy things in the secret drawer--the drawer that your man asks you about when you grant him the gift of spending the night.  But more than that, it's about you feeling sexy anytime you want.

Next up:  Corsets

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  1. Eyebrow waxes.


    A head full of braids or twists.

    And a body shaper.

    *nods* That's my list.


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